Auld Reekie Roller Girls Hit British Championships!

The Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Edinburghs Roller Derby team, are on their way to Wales this weekend to compete in the first leg of the UK’s first ever progression and relegation based roller derby tournament. The tournament covers teams from Scotland, England and Wales, and Auld Reekie are delighted to have been invited into the 6 team Premier Division.

Captains Skinn’er Alive and Lilo and Stitches said ‘we are so excited to be playing this tournament. The teams involved are playing the highest level roller derby in the UK and we are thrilled to be part of it. All 6 teams in the premier division are amazing, so it’ll be really exciting to see the games play out’.

The team are on their way to Newport this weekend, taking on the first of their rivals; Middlesbrough. This season sees a few new faces on the ARRG All Stars, and the team is looking stronger than ever. The M’boro team are not to be taken lightly however; ranking 5th in the UKRDA rankings.

Not only have they got new players, but a new name too. This is the first time the ‘All Stars’ are playing; previously they were known as the Twisted Thistles. 2015 saw a new streamlined look for Auld Reekie, as they dropped the team names and are now known as the All Stars and the All Star Reserves. The Reserves have already had one win this year, with a second home game to come at Meadowbank on 28th February, so the All Stars are looking to follow their lead and take home three wins this weekend too.

The All Stars are confident in their team, who have been working tirelessly all off season and are looking to build on their new skills and tactics across the season to come. This being the opening weekend, it should prove pretty exciting to see how they get on.

If you would like to see the next leg of champs, which is taking place in Edinburgh, they’ll be playing at Meadowbank on May 2nd.

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