August Derby Girl of the Month

Susie Homewrecker is our August Derby Girl of the Month!

Susie Homewrecker is one of a kind. She's sweet, giving, and always ready for fun. Or so we thought. As soon as she started hitting drills and team scrimmages, we cut the "Susie" part, and went straight to Homewrecker. Let's just say she's a wrecking ball when it comes to walls.

Homewrecker not only helps out her pack with her quick footwork, but also at many events, where she always knows what the team needs to get noticed! (I'm referring to the Gilroy Car Show, people.) She's always giving of her time and efforts to many team events, such as the dog wash and the Bruiser Bash! We can always count on her to come through, whether it's bringing equipment or breaking up a wall of blockers. We love our little Homewrecker!

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