Arkansas Apocalypse Bout Recap

On Saturday June 9th, we debuted the Dames and Demons in their first ever bouts.  It represented almost two years of hard work and dedication by Coach Miff Wick and founder Opportunity Knocks and I believe it was a great success.

The Roller City doors opened at 5:00pm and slowly but surely the crowd trickled in.  By the first whistle we had over 150 new fans, family, and friends in attendance (we're still calculating the finally tally, but we think the numbers are close to 200).  The first game started at 6:00pm, the Derby Dames squared off against the formidable ladies of Mo-Kan Rollergirlz from Joplin, Missouri.  Since the Dames are a new team and Mo-Kan is not, we did not have any expectations to win.  However, we did plan to fight to the end, hit hard, and make them remember us.  Which I think they did.  Towards the end the true colors of derby love were shown as Mo-Kan girls started coaching us during the jam.  I heard a few, "Hit Me!", "Get back and help your jammer!", and even "Wall up, Blue!".  When the final whistle blew the score was 225 -9 with Mo-Kan victorious and maintaining their undefeated record for 2012.  

Tulsa singer Chase Stites was there with his band rocking us out during half-time.  Thank you for making the trip from Tulsa and sharing your music with us Chase :)

The final bout for the evening was the debut of the Derby Demons against Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby Atomic Playboys from Springfield, Missouri.  If you've never witnessed men's derby before then I urge you to go and watch some (live is best, but YouTube or Derby News Network Archives are good too).  The girls hit hard, the guys go all out and pulverize each other.  Plus they tend to skate a lot faster too.  If the fans that came weren't sold on derby after the women played, they were definitely hooked after watching the men.  Demons jammer Kyle Su Whooop Thomas scored several grand slams and later remarked, "I don't even know what that means!"  He was flying so fast he didn't realize he was passing the other jammer.  Those Playboys soon learned his moves though and one solid hit caused Su Whooop to wipe out so spectacularly that his after party was in the ER.  Thankfully nothing was broken and he will be back skating in no time.  Demons jammer Slim Grim celebrated his debut and his birthday and enjoyed some well deserved cake when it was all said and done.  The final score was 112 to 53 with a win to the home team, the Derby Demons.

We couldn't have done any of this without the support of our home rink, Roller City, the Ref's, Non-Skating Officials, and volunteers that helped put everything together.  Thank you!

In the end we skated fast, hit hard, learned a lot, and had fun; and that's what roller derby is all about.

Join us for our next home bout on July 7, 2012 as the Derby Dames face the ladies of Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel from Poteau, Oklahoma.

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