Arizona Holds off Capital City, 235-164


EUGENE, OR–The MRDA’s Capital City Skull Crushers of Boise, ID and the Phoenix Rattleskates of Phoenix, AZ collided in Eugene, OR on Friday evening. These teams were more than content to splatter their collective 1,672 miles of road rage across The Big O Tournament’s Track #2, leaving the sometimes nonsensically vocal crowd wondering if Boise and Phoenix were planning to keep this pace all weekend. With the Rattleskates delivering a commanding 73-point lead in the first half it was up to Boise After a solid Boise comeback following the massive deficit they carried into the second half, Phoenix maintained their crushing first half lead and came out with the 235-164 victory.

The bout started with a tepid testing of the track as the two orange-clad teams threw double goose eggs on the board. Kamakanji drew first blood on the night for the Rattleskates with 6 of the 79 points he would eventually post. After slowly carving out a steady lead for the first 10 minutes, a track cut penalty on Sliquid for Boise allowed Eat Da Poo Poo to put up 20 of the 100 points he would be solely accountable for. Just as Boise finally broke into double digits, Kamakanji answered with 15 points of natural grand slam en route to a 38-0 run that firmly cemented the Phoenix lead. The Rattleskates looked to post a century on top of the struggling Skull Crushers, but a penalty by Poo Poo in the final jam of the half opened the door for DJ SlamminAll to cut the deficit by 20, bringing the halftime score to 49-122.

Capital City needed only 6 minutes to match their score of the 30 minutes prior, and they looked to punish the Rattleskates for their aggressive domination of the first half. A barrage of power jams beginning in the sixth minute saw Panamaniac, Sliquid, and Obi Quad Kenobi of the Skull Crushers hang a 57-13 run on the Rattleskates. This run would be stifled by a series of scoreless jams until a track cut penalty by Kamakanji opened the door for Boise to bust through. On the shoulders of an 18-point power jam by DJ SlamminAll brought the Skull Crushers to within 11 of the Rattleskates. The momentum would end here, however, when a series of jammer penalties allowed Eat Da Poo Poo and Kamakanji of the Rattleskates to hang another 30 on the board and build the cushion they would ride out on.

Capital City will have little time to lick their wounds before facing off against the Lane County Concussion on Saturday at 12:15pm on track three. Phoenix will have a little more time to relish their victory, but will they have ample time to rest their aggressive style of play before meeting Lane County Concussion themselves, at 5p.m. on broadcast track one.

Recap provided by Plunderstruck.

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