Arch Rival Upends #18 Kansas City, 164-99


BALLWIN, MO–In three prior “Show Me State” battles, Kansas City (DNN #18, WFTDA #19) had always trumped cross-state opponent Arch Rival. That streak came to an end Saturday night as St. Louis (WFTDA #13) utilized a 37-0 second-period sprint en route to a 164-99 victory at Midwest Sport Hockey in front of 575.

“We’ve been hungry for this for so long,” said Arch Rival blocker The Educator after the 65-point win that improved the squads’ record to 3-1. “We didn’t think about what they were doing and just focused on what we needed to do to make our strategy work for us. This is an amazing victory.“

New faces in the Kansas City roster for its first bout of 2013 and the absence of stealth jammer Jade Lightning in the bout-day line-up resulted in question marks for the league that went to last year’s WFTDA Championships.

Arch Rival hit an exclamation point with the bout’s opening jam as Mighty Mighty Boston collected a 19-point power jam to give the locals an early advantage. KCRW co-captain Ruth Canal countered with four on the next rotation to whittle the lead to 18-4. A pair of points from Arch Rival addition Brickyard and a 2-1 jam for South City Shiner pushed Arch Rival’s lead to 22-5 six minutes deep.

Kansas City went on a hard-fought 14-0 rally over the next nine minutes. Punctuated by Shady O’ Dread’s eight-pointer scored with 19:30 left in the frame, KCRW cut the deficit to 22-19.

A 4-4 push on the ninth jam was followed by eleven points straight by Arch Rival. Black Market Baby’s deuce was followed by nine from Brickyard, resulting in a 37-23 lead for the hostesses with 14:00 left in the period.

Kansas City struck back on the next rotation, resulting in a lead change. As ARRG’s Shiner sat in the box via a track cut, Enigma collected 19 points that gave the visitors a 42-37 lead with 11:10 left in the frame.

The five-point lead was short-lived as KC’s Canal went to the box during the next jam for the same infraction. As a result, Boston netted 15 points for Arch Rival, who regained the lead, 52-42, with 8:55 left. ARRG collectively added five on the next two rotations to stretch its lead to 57-42.

With six minutes left in the period, Kansas City capitalized on consistent Arch Rival penalties and launched a 15-0 rally over four jams that inevitably tied the score. O’ Dread collected five, Enigma followed with four and JamaLamaDingDong added three to close the gap to 57-54. Mary Lou Wretched’s three-pointer scored on the penultimate jam resulted in a 57-57 stalemate with 1:20 left.

The late-half KCRW sprint was the type that had historically given Arch Rival a case of the sour belches during past play. ARRG’s missive this season is not to let things like that overwhelm them.

“We have been working on our mental game this year, so that was like a big challenge for us,” said ARRG’s Shiner of the drama. “A lot of times, we would really lose our sh*t when something like that happens.”

Cooler heads prevailed as O’Dread’s track cut on the period’s final jam gave Arch Rival a chance finish the period on top. Shiner netted a dozen points to give St. Louis a 69-57 lead at intermission to give her squad a little breathing room and to collectively reflect in the locker room.

Perhaps the late-period push by Arch Rival foreshadowed things to come as St. Louis churned out a 37-0 run to begin the second period. Highlighted by a pair of nine-pointers by Brickyard and Shiner, Arch Rival stretched its lead to 106-57 with 22:30 left in the bout.

A 13-3 power jam strike by KCRW’s Annie Maul stopped the bleeding and narrowed the deficit to 109-70 with 20:15 left, yet Kansas City could find little traction thereafter. Paced by the blocking schema of Shimmy Hoffa, Chewblocka, May Require Stitches, Grave Danger, Rhino Might, Smarty McFly and Science Friction, Arch Rival held KCRW to only 15 second-period points accumulated with 10:00 left in the bout. In the process, ARRG went on a 39-2 surge and amassed a 148-72 lead.

“I knew Kansas City was going to be hard-hitting, but our blockers were solid with their four-walls, which made it easy for our jammers to get through,” said Boston of her blocking sistren.

Arch Rival proceeded to outscore Kansas City 95-42 in the second half to pick up the 164-99 victory, their first over KCRW historically.

“This was pretty massive,” said Shiner, who finished with 31 points. ”We played them three times and lost, so this was big deal.”

Boston paced Arch Rival with 68 points, followed by Brickyard’s 41. Arch Rival hosts Ohio (DNN #20, WFTDA #23) on May 4 at Midwest Sport Hockey.

“(Ohio’s) players play multiple positions and they’re fast and athletic,” said Boston of the rivalry that was a finalist in last year’s DNN Readers Poll. “We’re going to have to train really, really hard against them.”

Kansas City (0-1) was paced by Enigma’s 24 points. KCRW is idle until mid-May’s Spring Roll 2013, where they face Chicago Outfit and Dutchland in WFTDA-sanctioned bouts and Midwest MEGAteam in an exhibition bout.

In Saturday’s b-team undercard, ARRG’s Saint Lunachix defeated KCRW’s Plan B 304-106. EnYa Nightmare paced St. Louis (3-1) with 103 points.

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