Arch Rival Taps Brewcity, 335-133


BALLWIN, MO–For some, a 202-point victory may not seem vengeful, but for Arch Rival (DNN #18/11 WFTDA), its 335-133 victory over Brewcity (44 WFTDA) Saturday in front of 500 at Midwest Hockey clearly fit the definition .

The back story was written at last October’s WFTDA North Central region playoff held in Niagara Falls. In a “Thrill of the Spill” consolation bracket bout, Brewcity notched a last-jam, come-for-behind, three-point upset that sent the St. Louisans tumbling in the tourney.

That loss stung a lot for Arch Rival. It had been simmering for almost nine months.

“We were not really proud of ourselves last year at playoffs, so we had a lot of things to prove to ourselves with this game,” said Arch Rival jammer South City Shiner of last year’s setback.

“We went into this bout pretty motivated and we definitely had no other option but to win tonight,” added co-captain Mayor Francis Slayer.

The motivation was evident with a quick start by the hostesses as Mighty Mighty Boston scored a nine-point, bout-opening strike to give Arch Rival the quick lead. A 2-2 push on the next jam made the score 11-2 three minutes in.

The first of three first-period Arch Rival power jams was launched in the third rotation. Brickyard posted 19 at 25:48 to extend the lead to 30-2. Smarty McFly followed with a dozen to stretch the margin to 42-2, six minutes deep into the frame.

Both teams traded power jams on the next rotation. While ARRG’s Boston sat in the sin bin, Brewcity’s Kimberrr posted 15 points until being sent off for a track cut. Once Boston was released from the box, ARRG reciprocated with 10 points. The 15-10 jam in favor of Brewcity narrowed Arch Rival’s lead to 52-17 with 21:30 left in the period.

After Shiner posted nine in jam six that extended St. Louis’ lead to 61-17, Arch Rival fell into a penalty funk and surrendered another power jam. Brewcity’s Scooter capitalized on a 4-2 blocker advantage and collected 18 points for Milwaukee to narrow Arch Rival’s lead to 61-35 with 17:50 left in the period.

Up 65-37 two jams later, Arch Rival went on a 26-0 rally to widen the margin. Back-to-back four-pointers from Shiner and Brickyard was followed by an 18-pointer anchored by McFly that widened ARRG’s lead to 91-37 with 11:00 left in the period.

St. Louis continued to flex its proverbial muscle as the period progressed with a power jam by Shiner, and a subsequent star-pass to pivot May Require Stitches, that collectively yielded 30 points with 8:10 left in the period and extended Arch Rival’s lead to 127-39.

Brewcity’s Scooter gamely rolled the dice in jam 15 and notched a 16-4 strike to narrow the deficit to 131-55. Nine straight points from ARRG on the next two rotations pushed the lead 140-55 with 4:25 left in the period.

Following a 3-3 push in jam 18, Brewcity notched a 29-0 run to end the first period of play. A natural 20-pointer from Kimberrr was followed by a period ending nine-pointer from Skittle. The late-period run by Brewcity narrowed Arch Rival’s lead to 143-87 at intermission, which was somewhat disappointing in the locals’ minds, considering the differential had been close to triple-digits a few minutes earlier.

“You know, every time we have a rough first half, we take a deep breath and approach the second half as a new game,” said Slayer. “We needed to get our penalties down and we needed to improve our team work.”

Brewcity carried the late first-period momentum into the second with a 13-4 strike by Scooter in the opening jam that narrowed Arch Rival’s lead to 147-100.

Then, the Arch Rival scoreboard went into hyper-overdrive as the locals went on a 126-0 run that spanned the bout’s next twenty minutes.

Back-to-back four pointers from Boston and Shiner extended the lead to 155-100. Brickyard added three in jam four to push Arch Rival’s advantage to 158-100 with 25:30 left in the period.

McFly calmly posted 29 points naturally to stretch the lead to 187-100 with 23:05 left. A power jam for Boston netted 24 points for ARRG on the next rotation to widen the margin to 211-100.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis blocking battalion, paced by Slayer, Stitches, Grave Danger, Chewblocka, The Educator, Rhino-Might, Science Friction, Shimmy Hoffa and Eli Wallop, collectively tapped the keggers by holding them pointless as the period progressed, continuing a trend that has been common place this season.

“Honestly, our blocking has become more mental from where it was in years’ past,” said Shiner. “We’ve been really great at executing all the strategies in practice. Bridging backwards, knocking others out of play, just doing those things over and over again. It’s been a mental game that we use against the other teams and we’ve manage to get them ‘out of sorts.’”

Shiner collected 28 points via a power jam with 13:30 left in the bout to push Arch Rival’s lead to 262-100. Following Brickyard’s six-pointer scored in jam 12, St. Louis put the exclamation point its 126-point rally with McFly’s non-lead grand slam with 9:00 left that extended Arch Rival’s advantage to 273-100.

Arch Rival outscored Brewcity 192-46 in the second half to pick up the 335-133 victory to net its fifth straight win and to improve to 10-2 on the season.

“We’ve been working hard in getting our fitness up and making sure that we can play a top-level game in the second half,” said Slayer of the turnaround. “I think because of that, we’ve been able to outplay our opponents in the second half.”

“When we’re at full-strength, we’re amazing,” said Shiner, who finished with 72 points. “I’m really proud of everyone.”

McFly paced Arch Rival scoring with 94 points, followed by Boston’s 84. Arch Rival now prepares for an August 10 battle with #17 Minnesota (DNN #11/WFDTA #17).

“For me personally, I feel that it’s a huge honor to be playing Minnesota,” said Shiner. “We’ve been watching them closely ever since they surprised everyone and went to Championships (in 2010.) We are in awe of them and I look up to them quite a lot.”

Scooter and Kimberrr scored 57 and 52 points, respectively, for Brewcity (5-11). Milwaukee hosts Toronto (WFTDA #39) on August 10 prior to its appearance in the Des Moines Playoff of the WFTDA Division 2 Tournament the following week.

In the b-team undercard, ARRG’s Saint Lunachix posted a 337-74 victory over the Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade. IDA the Living Dead scored 132 points for St. Louis, who improved to 8-2. The points accumulated and the differential set new franchise benchmarks.

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