Arch Rival Stems Bleeding Heartland, 251-189


BLOOMINGTON, IN–After Arch Rival’s 251-189 victory over Bleeding Heartland Saturday, fans in attendance at BHRG’s Cardiac Arena were best served getting their blood pressures checked. The WFTDA-sanctioned bout was marked by numerous scoring surges and eight lead changes.

Arch Rival (#25 DNN/WFTDA 13) set the tone with a 63-0 run in the first ten minutes. Following a scoreless bout-opening jam, South City Shiner posted 24 points at 26:35 to give the visitors an early advantage. ARRG’s Brickyard added 10 on the next rotation to stretch the margin to 34-0.

Mighty Mighty Boston followed with a 14-point strike with 24:00 left in the period to widen the gap to 48-0. Then after a four-point tally by Shiner, Brickyard tacked on 11 at 20:20 to conclude the opening rally and push St. Louis’ lead to 63-0.

Arch Rival’s momentum then went into what could be best described as a “cardiac arrest” and penalties overwhelmingly ensued. Bleeding Heartland capitalized, resulting in a mind-numbing, and lead-changing, 85-1 surge over the next twelve minutes.

After Nuck L. Sammie’s 15-1 power jam, back-to-back four-pointers from Flatliner vets Kaka Caliente and Terror D’ Bits whittled the ARRG lead to 64-23 with 16:45 left in the period.

Another power jam for Sammie resulted in a blistering 25 points on the next rotation, narrowing the gap to 64-48. Caliente tacked nine in the eleventh jam, drawing the Flatliners to 64-57.

The third Arch Rival jammer track cut within the six-jam stretch gave the hosts a lead-changing boost. D’ Bits scored 18 on the power jam…and poof! The early 63-point Arch Rival lead was erased…and then some! The Flatliners now sported a 75-64 lead with 10:40 left in the period.

Sammie tacked on an additional 10-pointer on the next rotation to stretch BHRG’s lead to 85-64 with 9:40 left in the period.

Arch Rival chipped away at the deficit as Brickyard notched a 10-0 jam at 6:40 and Boston followed with a trey to narrow the gap to eight points, 85-77.

A 10-2 run for Bleeding Heartland over the next three jams provided a little breathing room. Following D’ Bits’ three-point strike on the period’s penultimate jam, the Flatliners maintained a 95-79 lead with 2:00 left.

Arch Rival regained the lead during the period’s final rotation, thanks to BHRG penalties. Via a power jam, Shiner collected a dizzying 25 points that helped ARRG grab a 104-95 lead at intermission.

The nine-point buffer at the break was immediately broken with the first jam of the second period. Via a power jam, Caliente notched a 19-pointer that gave the Flatliners a 114-104 lead.

Arch Rival responded with a 28-0 run. Following a trey from Brickyard, Boston scored 25 via a power jam, resulting in a 132-114 lead change in favor of St. Louis with 23:40 left in the bout.

In jam five, Shiner gained lead jammer for Arch Rival and scored seven, but then was sent off for a track cut. BHRG’s Caliente scored a non-lead 15-pointer with the power jam, whittling ARRG’s lead to ten points, 139-129 with 20:45 left.

The Flatliners’ Sammie then scored four on the next rotation to narrow the gap to 139-133 with 20:10 left. Then during an officials’ time out, an additional 10 points was added to the column of Bleeding Heartland on the scoreboard, resulting in another lead change and a 143-139 advantage for the Flatliners.

Arch Rival’s Brickyard scored four on the next jam, resulting in a 143-143 stalemate with 19:15 remaining.

ARRG pivot May Require Stitches, in her first jam of the evening, notched a 4-2 jam with 17:45 left that broke the tie, which give Arch Rival a 147-145 edge. BHRG’s Sammie collected five on the next rotation which flipped the lead back to the Flatliners, 150-147.

Arch Rival posted a 52-0 rally over the next four jams to retake the lead and pull ahead. After Shiner posted 14 that resulted in a 161-150 lead change for Arch Rival, Brickyard collected a 30-point power jam with 12:15 left that widened the margin to 191-150. Back-to-back four-pointers extended St. Louis’ lead to 199-150 with ten minutes left in regulation.

The Flatliners found a pulse down the stretch and posted 33 points straight. Back-to-back power jams for D’ Bits and Caliente netted 19 and 14 points, respectively, and narrowed the ARRG lead to 199-183 with 6:20 left in the bout.

Paced by the blocking of the aforementioned Stitches, Chewblocka, Rhino-Might, Mayor Francis Slayer, Grave Danger, Science Friction, Shimmy Hoffa and a host of others, Arch Rival concluded the bout with a 52-6 run that “mainlined” Bleeding Heartland. Punctuated by a 30-point power jam by Boston scored with 4:00 left, St. Louis widened the differential and inevitably netted the 251-189 victory to claim its third consecutive win and improve to 5-1 overall.

Paced by Shiner’s 92 points, Arch Rival faces Naptown (#16 DNN/WFTDA 16) this Saturday in Indianapolis. Sammie led Bleeding Heartland scoring with 76 points. The Flatliners (6-6) host Toronto (WFTDA 49) on June 8.

In the b-team undercard, Arch Rival’s Saint Lunachix defeated the BHRG Code Blue Assassins 237-130. Molecular Mayhem scored 94 for the Lunachix, who improved to 5-1.

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