April WARDian of the Month: Snappa Bones

Snappa BonesApril’s WARDian of the month should be known to all of you already, but if you haven’t skated with her on a team, been coached by her as a freshie, or been hassled – with love – about sitting your written test, then you’re missing out!

In order to take on the role of co-captaining the WayWARDs this year Snappa Bones has taken her ability to be über zen on track and her child-wrangling abilities and combined them into one super power. It’s amazing how someone who can remain so calm while skating can booty block you to the other side of the track just like that! She may hug you after the game though, I’ve even seen her air kiss an opposing skater on the jam start line. Full of love – even if it has to be tough sometimes – this is one skater who definitely deserves to be up here as WARDian of the month!

Snappa Bones

Snapping bones.

How did you get into Roller Derby?

I did a bit of Googling, had a look at the website and thought it looked like a whole lot of fun. So, one night I tool myself down to O’Connor and joined in!

What do you get out of Roller Derby?

I’ve gotten so much out of this sport. Not just strength and fitness, but I’ve made some amazing friends, found myself the best wife a derby girl could ever hope for (Jewel 2D Death), have done a little bit of travel with the league and laughed till I cried!

What has been the highlight of your skating career so far?

There are a few highlights. Skating with the WayWARDs and coming third in the Boom State Clash, skating with the WARDs of the Skate in Canberra last year and getting to play against the awesome Kalgoorlie girls, Gold City Rollers, on my birthday.

Most embarrassing moment?

Far too many embarrassing moment to mention… the worst involves ‘gas’… but we don’t speak of that.

Have you got any training tips?

Training tips… turn up! On time! Listen to your coach! If you’re not there giving it a go, how do you expect to grow as a ‘derby girl’? If you are there and you are not listening or following instructions, you make your coaches’ jobs that much harder. They are volunteers too, without the coaches, we can’t do the learning!

What are your derby aspirations?

I don’t know if I have any further derby aspirations… I just want to skate! All the skating! With all the people! The wider variety of people you skate with, the more you can learn and develop!

Who would you nominate as the next WARDian of the Month?

Bubbles – she’s amazing! Co-Captaining WoTS, her coaching at team training is inspiring, and even when she’s skating in a bout she’s still looking after our liquor license and making sure our patrons can have a refreshing drink! All that, and she’s cute too! :)

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