April 18, Bout 2

Though the Shocks came into this game short a couple of their strongest players, Captain Baller Shot Caller and jammer Nora Gretz, the first half proved that the Shocks were in it to win it. A highlight of the night was an opportunity to see the Shocks’ string of “guest star” jammers, including all-star blockers Ozzie Kamakazi, Lez Dispenser, and Rebel Yellow, and a guest ringer from the Stix, High Jinxx. The Sakes put up an early lead, but the scores per jam and the Sakes’ lead remained small, as each team exchanged a series of mostly low-scoring jams. Then late in the first half, Shocks blocker penalties introduced a break for the Sakes. Facing short packs of just 1 or 2 Shocks blockers, the Sakes jammers put up a quick 22 points to the Shocks’ 6, extending the Sakes lead to 88-60 at the half. In the second period, both teams struggled with penalties, including a failed apex jump by The Boss that led refs to pull her from the game. But the Sakes’ ability to shut down Shocks’ power jams and keep all-star jammer Afro Dykee in check allowed Sakes jammers to collect the points and gradually pull away. The final score was 219-157.

MVP blockers were Luxfurious for the Sake Tuyas and Ozzie Kamakazi for the Toxic Shocks; MVP Jammers were Hate Ashbury for Sake Tuyas and Lez Dispenser for the Toxic Shocks.


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