April 18, Bout 1

With both teams missing key players, the outcome of this game was a tough one to predict and it started off very close. Though the Stix jammers got a higher proportion of lead jam calls, gaining lead in six of the first seven jams, strong blocking from the Demons prevented the Stix from turning their advantage into points. Through the first seven jams, the Demon defense held the Stix lead to just 12-6. Then Demons Jammer Jean Juke Picard put the Demons back in the lead with a 9-point jam. Soon after, however, Demons began rack up blocker and jammer penalties. Short packs and power jams gave the Stix an opportunity to jump out to 59-15 lead. Demons jammers Amsterdam and Choke Cherry turned a couple of Stix jammer penalties into a quick 29 points for the Demons, but the margin continued to slowly widen in favor of the Stix. At the half Stix led 102-54. In the second half, fierce blocking by Madditude Adjustment and Queen Loseyateefa coupled with Demons jammer penalties kept the Demons from making a comeback. The Stix outscored the Demons by more than 3 to 1 in the second half, ending the game at 230 – 85.

MVP blockers were Queen Loseyateefa for the Apocalypstix and Nattie Long Legs for the Demons; MVP jammers were High Jinxx for the Apocalypstix and Nutella Ferraro for the Demim Demons.


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