Angel City Squeezes LADD, 507-67


LOS ANGELES, CA–The first meeting between LA’s two premiere teams was always going to be contentious, in the ‘Battle for Los Angeles’. Angel City (#5 WFTDA) delivered the win in an emphatic 507-67 victory on the flat track over the Los Angeles Derby Dolls Ri-Ettes, the #1 team on the bank.

The game shot off to an early lead for the Hollywood Scarlets, and carried momentum, as penalties really started to mount for LADD. The Ri-Ettes have shown themselves to be formidable opponents time and again, and certainly rule the banked track, but the penalty-heavy first half held them back, as Angel City garnered impressive powerjam after powerjam. The trend continued into the second period.

The powerjam-centred game wound up creating slowed, stopped and sometimes even backwards-moving packs, as Angel City kept the passive offense coming. Backwards bridging was a repeat play from both sides, as jammer-returns were pushed further and further back the track, and cut track penalties sky-rocketed. And packs regularly split into defensive packets, as the jammers fought through their opposition with minimal assists.

The final jams of the game were full of both gritted teeth and joyful exuberance, as Angel City fielded every blocker they have in turn, bar Jane Wilkins, as jammers, and a few regular star jammers as blockers, and the Ri-Ettes knuckled down to try to add in some final points. But nothing the Ri-Ettes could do was about to surmount the stunning point differential Angel City had put up.

Angel City next games will be at the second WFTDA Division 1 playoff in Richmond, VA, from Sept 13-15, entering as top seed.

LADD’s Ri-Ettes continue their home team lead up to championships with a bout this coming Saturday, August 24th, at the Doll Factory in Los Angeles.

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