Anarchy III: Auld Reekie Upsets Berlin, 148-99


GUILDFORD, ENGLAND–In the first bout of Anarchy III, Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie Rollergirls took on Berlin’s Bear City Roller Derby.

The last time these two met, a short-handed Twisted Thistles roster fell to a 176-70 defeat at the hands of the Berlin Bombshells. Auld Reekie were again shorthanded with veteran blocker Alma Geddon’s absence from the track, leaving the Scots with a two-woman disadvantage against the Bombshells. Berlin fielded a new-look team from the one that had placed second at Track Queens–jammers Paulina Pocket and Apocalypse Meow did not feature. This time, though, it was Auld Reekie who came out decisively on top. They led for all but a handful of jams, and skated out 148-99 winners–their first win in three attempts against the Germans.

After Admiral Attackbar and Master Blaster shared a quick 0-0 jam it was left to Berlin’s Resident Shevil to draw first blood with a 4-0 in jam two. A pivot-line start in jam 4 brought the crowd to life before Skinner Alive gave ARRG a 5-4 lead as Crazylegs whaled on Bear City’s Tequila knockout for the duration of the jam. At the third time of asking Admiral Attackbar put points on the board for Auld Reekie as her pack finally managed to hold Master Blaster. 4-0 jams for Lilo & Stitches and Attackbar helped Auld Reekie edge further ahead as they dominated lead jam calls and controlled Berlin’s jammers at the front of the pack.

In Jam 9, Knockout was boxed on a major forearm. Skinner got five and called it within seconds so ARRG could line up Admiral Attackbar to finish off the powerjam. Attackbar slalomed through a loose Berlin pack while Knockout was in the box and, on her return, as Mo B Quick and Crazylegs held her–when the jam was done, it was 46-4 to ARRG.

Berlin then called a time-out, having not scored for ten minutes and eight jams. The break did the trick as Berlin got their first lead call in seven–but Shevil was forced into a quick call-off with Stitches right on her tail.

Master Blaster made it 2-2 next jam–but this time it was the turn of Unprotected Bex to break through and force the call before Berlin could score. She made it three from three after lining up for consecutive jams and finally broke Berlin’s scoring drought. Admiral Attackbar found herself stuck behind Devilena and Citysin Pain, letting Master Blaster put up nine before the call was forced. Another two 4-0 jams for Berlin followed as their pack disengaged to let their jammers grab the points with minimal effort as ARRG drifted out of play at the front.

Velosidy landed a great hit on Shevil at the back of the pack to let Attackbar break Berlin’s run next time out with a quick 9-0. Skinner Alive added a few more against Knockout as Berlin’s disengagement offence failed to pay dividends. Hard-hitting offence from ARRG limited Berlin to 4 in the next jam despite a really early lead call for Shevil. Sharp offense from ARRG’s Bint Imperial limited Master Blaster to 4 after another early lead call for Bear City before an ARRG timeout stopped the clock at 6:36 with the scoreboard reading 58-29.

It was Auld Reekie’s offensive hitting that dominated the next few minutes before Lilo & Stitches hit the box on a forearm call with seconds left in the period. Master Blaster pulled Berlin back into it as the half ended, making it 62-56 with a 21-2 jam to close out the period.

A 4-0 for Blaster in jam two of the second half made the deficit two points as Berlin switched their jamming rotation to line her up against the ARRG jammers that weren’t Attackbar. Two jams later she tied it up at 64-64. Resident Shevil then gave Berlin their first lead since the opening jams as Lizzy Slaughter held Attackbar for a 7-0 jam.

Master Blaster then managed to knock Stitches out off the line and force her all the way back round for a negative pass–but it didn’t make any difference to the scoreline, even if it did elicit a roar of approval from the crowd. Two jams later Attackbar was handed a powerjam when Shevil hit the box and she wasted no time restoring the ARRG lead–and called it with Shevil standing. Stitches put up points as Crazylegs, Minnie Riot and Skinner Alive swarmed Shevil.

An added benefit for ARRG of that freeze was that it meant that Atttackbar and Blaster could resume the duel that had served the Scots so well in the first half. An official time-out followed the next jam at the half-way point of the period with ARRG holding a slender 91-80 lead.

Berlin then used Donner Toro for a jam to keep Attackbar and Blaster apart as that gap was maintained into the final ten minutes. Unprotected Bex took Auld Reekie passed the century mark with just over nine minutes left.

A low block call on Shevil gave Stitches a powerjam–but she called it as she struggled in the Berlin pack, with ARRG holding a 21-point lead. Attackbar then lined up unopposed. While she struggled on her first scoring pass, Ciderella did a number on the returning Shevil and Attackbar made it 128-90 with 5:30 to go. That cushion gave ARRG the space to start to burn clock and use each lead jam call to edge them closer to a win over the team 55 places above them in WFTDA rankings.

Two jams later Shevil lost a jam-long fight with Skinner Alive, Crazylegs, Ciderella and Bint Imperial as she watched Stiches lap ARRG into a 147-95 lead to make the bout safe. A lead call for Master Blaster in the game’s final jam gave the travelling Germans something to shout about–but she called it with 20 seconds left on the period clock, ARRG still leading 148-99, and no-time-outs left.

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