Anarchy III: #6 Windy City Escapes #11 London, 193-176


GUILDFORD, UK–The Windy City rollers took to the track for their third sanctioned game of 2013, with London seeing their first sanctioned action since their dominance of Track Queens: Battle Royale at the end of 2012.

The London Brawling line-up was mostly unchanged from that which took the track at the end of 2012, with two additions. Kitty DeCapitate returned to the team she once captained after an Australian sabbatical with Victorian Roller Derby League, while jenskyes made her Brawling debut after transferring from Glasgow Roller Derby in the off-season.

London had taken the jammer line before Windy City had even finished their kit-checks, with Kamikaze Kitten taking the star against Jackie Daniels to open the bout.

Jackie raced to a quick lead call as she squirmed through the inside line, and put up a 3-0 before Kami forced the call. But Rogue Runner had put up five unanswered in jam two before Varla Vendetta was boxed on a cut. She added more as Windy’s blockers filled the box. It was 25-3 when Rogue called the jam a split-second too late to freeze Varla in the box with a little over three minutes gone.

Juicy Lucy got lead against a 2-woman Windy pack, and put up a 9-0 over Thievin’ Tyler. A forearm major in the very next jam on Jackie Daniels gave Flamin’ Aggro a chance to make an impact in her first jam–but a backblock call on her first scoring pass limited the damage. Stefanie Mainey held Jackie Daniels for the entire duration of Aggro’s penalty, but Jackie put up 4 with Aggro out to make it 38-7 after four jams at six minutes.

Sargentina’s blocking made Rogue Runner’s life a misery in jam seven, and managed to limit Rogue to 8 points even through Tyler hit the box on a cut early in the jam.


London Jammers

Jams/Lead, Pts For, Pts Against, PPJ, Penalty Minutes
Rogue Runner: 9/7, +64, -10, 6.00, 0
Flamin Aggro: 7/4, 48, -55, -1.00, 4
Kamikaze Kitten: 13/5, 53, -73, -1.54, 6
Juicy Lucy: 5/1, 29, +11, -65, -8.80

Windy City Jammers

Jams/Lead, Pts For, Pts Against, PPJ, Penalty Minutes
Athena De Crime: 3/3, 60, 0, 20.00, 0
Thievin’ Tyler: 7/3, +61, -39, 3.14, 4
Yvette Yourmaker: 2/2, 4, -2, 2.00, 0
Killa Nois: 5/1, 25, -32, .1.40
Jackie Daniels: 8/3, 18, -25, -3.13, 4
Varla Vendetta: 8/3, 22, 60, -4.75, 3

Total Penalties

London 35, Windy City 32

A powerjam for Windy across jams 9 and 10 let them force their way into double figures while Kami sat in the box rueing a forearm call–but it was London who pulled off the penalty kill with Knickerblocker Glory and Raw Heidi holding Jackie Daniels as Stefanie Mainey floored her and limited her to 10.

That left it 46-17 at the half way point of the first half. Thievin’ Tyler put up 10 next time out as Rogue Runner struggled with a strong rear Windy wall marshalled by Sargentina, ably assisted by Moby Nipps–but Tyler hit the box for the third time in as many jams on another cut.

Aggro had another shot at a powerjam in 12 as the penalty ran its course–but she was boxed on a cut after being held for almost the full duration of Tyler’s penalty as London filled their box. 15 more for Tyler followed before Aggro was released–and she put up another 10 when Aggro was boxed on another major cut to make the score 54-52 with the clock frozen on 11:11 for a London time-out.

Varla Vendetta finished off the powerjam and looked to be about to take the lead for Windy when she was boxed on a cut as her blockers watched from the side of the track on the power jam. Bork Bork Bork killed that penalty–but soon had another one to deal with as Varla picked up a major forearm. That let Aggro back in to make it 69-57 with Bork also sitting in the box.

Kami made it 74-57 before picking up a major elbow on scoring pass number two. Windy got the better of a scrappy few jams as both teams filled the box before Juicy Lucy hit the box with the star after struggling with Moby Nipps, KonichiWOW and Ol Drrrrty GoGo with Athena De Crime already out and scoring. She’d taken the lead 100-79 for Windy by the time Juicy got out of the box–and it was 109-79 by the time the 39-0 jam ended with under two minutes left in the period.

A powerjam for Kamikaze Kitten closed out the period when she tussled with Tyler and saw the Windy jammer boxed on a major elbow as a result. She was boxed before the half and jam ended though, leaving Windy with a 114-93 lead.

Athena lined up unopposed against a two-woman London pack to open the second period. She put up 7 before Kami returned, and 4 after–but both jammers were boxed in the closing seconds of the jam. An official time-out followed that saw Athena released and left Kami sat in the box.

But Jackie Daniels hit the box on a forearm call on her initial pass that jam. Kami only managed to put up 5 before Jackie was released as she struggled with an onslaught of Windy hitting. She did take London past the century before the call was forced, though–leaving Windy with a 126-102 lead with four minutes gone in the second period.

Rogue edged London back into it with a 7-0 as Helvetica Black laid the hurt on K-WOW. A scoreless jam later Stefanie Mainey forced a cut on Jackie Daniels. Flamin’ Aggro then racked up the points as a full LRG pack isolated the only two Windy City blockers on the track. She gave London a 132-130 lead, despite a late call that handed Jackie points.

That lead was 138-134 after the next jam as Kami let it run, before a major cut on Jackie let Rogue Runner in for a powerjam. Some excellent recycling from the Windy pack limited her to a 7-0, though.

A high block on Juicy in jam 8 of the period let Killanois retake the lead for Windy, making it 146-145 with 15 minutes left. Tyler extended that Windy lead as Kami struggled–and then extended it more when Kami was boxed on a low block in a tangle with her. It was 159-145 as that jam ended with Kami standing.

A 9-0 Windy jam was followed by a powerjam for Rogue Runner–but she only put up 8 before calling it as she struggled. Flamin’ Aggro had the chance to finish the powerjam. She struggled with her first pass until some group offence from London–but was boxed on her second. Killa gave Windy a 25-point lead before being boxed herself as the jam ended.

Kami lined up unopposed with 25 points to make up and 5:31 for London to do it in–and only two Windy blockers to stop her. She put up 14 to make the gap 11 with 4:11 left, before Rogue Runner cut the deficit to 7 with a quickfire 4-0.

Yvette Yourmaker restored the double-digit cushion in the next jam –but a late call let Juicy Lucy make it 185-176 in Windy’s favour with 2:30 left.

With under two minutes to go Thievin’ Tyler picked up a major back block and the crowd sensed a victory was on the cards. But London tried to be clever when Kami passed the star to Mainey as Tyler skated to the box– but both pivot and jammer hit the box after the pass was ruled illegal as Mainey wasn’t in play when she received the star.

That messy jam left the score at 193-176 to Windy–and a London time-out forced a final jam. That jam started with two blockers on the track for both teams–but when Yvette Yourmaker got lead the bout was all but over. She called it as the period clock expired–and the bout ended 193-176.

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