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If roller derby were a circus, and sometimes it is, Amy Thystle would be the ringmaster. Chances are, if you’ve been to one of our bouts or seen one on CW-17, you’ve seen her standing in the middle of the track, keeping each game moving in her most oft position of Jam Timer. One of the many positions she has played as an NSO, jam timing is possibly the most challenging as it requires careful attention to multiple things happening at the same time in order to maintain the integrity of the game’s time clock.

Amy is starting her 5th season with the Jacksonville RollerGirls. A beloved member of our derby family, she is also well-respected and frequently sought for other derby leagues or events for her expertise. In fact, she was nominated in 2013 for the NShObo Best Jam Timer Award, recognizing her outstanding work among Non-Skating Officials around the world.

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