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Founded and skating since 2010, with our first competitive game in 2012, Belfast Roller Derby was the first derby league in Northern Ireland.


Our league is made up of people from many different backgrounds and they aren’t just skaters. We have several full-time officials, both on (referees) and off skates (NSOs) who keep the skaters in check and make things tick come game day. We also rely on a small army of volunteers to make game day happen. Although our skaters are female only, all other roles are open to men and women and we’re always looking for more people to join us!

The league is not-for-profit and run by its members, with each member also giving their time off the track to help with the background running of the league. On top of running the league we also try give back to the community by supporting Gay Pride, fundraising for charity and supporting other local sporting events eg. Marshalling at the Belfast Triathlon.


In 2012 BRD proudly became members of the UKRDA, the only member from Northern Ireland, then in December 2014 we took it step further and became a WFTDA League, with the WFTDA being the global governing body.

Allstarslots are giving one lucky club up to $1000 worth of equipment or uniforms! Roller derby is a full contact sport and requires that skaters wear safety equipment, unfortunately this equipment becomes less safe the longer it is used and can be quite expensive to replace. Winning this fund would allow us to purchase the most important piece of safety equipment for the team, helmets! We are so excited to continue to grow, both on and off the track and winning the Allstarslots fund for sports kit would help us to do that and stay safe!


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