All-Stars suffer a loss in Omaha

In the first game back for the Old Capitol City All-Stars, they started out strong, but penalty woes and heavy offense by the Omaha Rollergirls got the best of them, and they notched a second loss to the ladies from Omaha 190-148. The All-Stars improved on their last performance, but couldn’t keep control of the game, and learned a lot in this season opener on the road.

It looked like it was going to be Iowa City’s game on the track in Nebraska, as Omaha almost didn’t field a whole pack in the first jam, seeming a little flustered in the next few as well. The All-Stars took advantage of this, as well as a power jam, putting up 21 points over six jams, while Omaha sat at zero. The success from the first half dozen jams were done by a 1-2 punch of Triple D. Zaster and Left 4 Deadwards on the jam line, and solid defense in the pack, led by pivots Fannysaurus Wrex and Amandatory Sentence (formerly known as Manta Rae).

Left 4 Deadwards breaks out of the pack while Ima Firestarter chases her down. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Left 4 Deadwards breaks out of the pack while Ima Firestarter chases her down. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Blocker penalties for Old Cap helped Omaha get their first lead jammer status and their first 14 points on the board. They were only able to get three more points though when the All-Stars had their first jammer penalty, due to quick reacting defense by Trip, Bat R Up, and Lady Hulk. A couple more power jams was what ultimately gave Omaha the lead, and big points by Ima Firestarter shot them ahead, 70-27.

After the penalty chaos settled down, Old Cap regained some control in the pack, getting a stretch of five lead jammer statuses, and some much needed points. Bat R Up entered the jammer rotation and put up a seven-point jam, and Trip put up nine more a few jams later. Immovable blockers such as DessOmater and Ima Golddiggah clung tightly to Skateaway Faye to help Trip get those points.

After Deadwards scored an additional four points, some tricky blocking by Omaha put Trip in the box, who ultimately fouled out, giving Omaha a small boost at the end of the half. Strong recycling and teamwork by Lady Hulk and Jenna Jam, as well as effective buddy blocking by Jane Bang and PyroMAGniac helped keep the damage down though, and at the break Omaha led 109-70.

PyroMAGniac and Jane Bang hold back Eblastagirl. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

PyroMAGniac and Jane Bang hold back Eblastagirl. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Coming back from the break, Deadwards started in the box as jammer, to fulfill Trip’s last penalty, while Omaha put Ima Firestarter on the track, who scored 51 points in the first half. She could only get two passes in before Deadwards caught up with her and forced the call off. Old Cap then went on a short run, grabbing the next five lead statuses, adding 19 points to their total, but still down 122-89.

After jamming only once in the first half, Jenna Jam took on the star more in the second, and achieved lead jammer status every time as well as put up points. Outlaw Jessie Pains also took the star twice adding 13 points. Despite the early second half surge, jammer penalties held back Old Cap, not letting them close the gap. One of those jammer penalties was a cut by Bat R Up, but Pains, Goldie, Fannysaurus, and Amelia No Heart forced a penalty on the Omaha jammer, Eblastagirl. Then they provided offense for Bat R’s return, making it a 8-0 jam in OCCRG’s favor at the end of two minutes. Playing double duty, Bat R was the second highest jammer at 34 points, but also fouled out as a blocker in the final minutes of the game. Overall, Old Cap did get fewer penalties in the second half, and it did get as close as 26 points towards the end of the game, but Omaha continued to mess up OCCRG’s walls with effective offense, and they took the win, 190-148.


Outlaw Jessie Pains took a few turns as jammer. Photo by Danforth Johnson.


Check out OCCRG on the track at home next, as both the All-Stars and the Ped Maulers take on Team United from Des Moines, Iowa, in a double header at the Coralville Marriott. The All-Stars will take on the TU All-Stars first at 6pm, followed by the Ped Maulers vs. the Blue Ribbon Bullies. Admission is $10 in advance, $13 at the door, kids 10 and under are free. You can still purchase season passes at $25 for the three spring home games, just e-mail

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