All-Stars Start 2015 on the Road

The Old Cap All-Stars will kick off the 2015 season with a road trip to play the Omaha Rollergirls this Saturday, at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA. The two teams met once before in March of 2013, and Omaha took the win, 149-77. Both leagues have had some turnover in rosters since then, so this time around will likely look a bit different.

Despite losing last time, the Old Cap All-Stars were only down by 17 points at the half, 62-45.  After receiving no jammer penalties in the first half, the All-Stars gave up a few power jams in the second, which helped widen the score gap. Unable to pick up the scoring pace in the second period, ORG outscored Old Cap, 87-32, leading to Omaha’s 72-point victory.

Last time we played Omaha, we were ranked #67, and Omaha was #36. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Last time we played Omaha, OCCRG was ranked #67, and Omaha was #36. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

2013 seemed to be a bit of a transitional season for Old Cap, as the team was finding it’s teamwork and core set of consistent skaters. Compared to the previous roster, there are nine of the same skaters who have spent the past two years working together on strategy, whereas Omaha has only five returning skaters. Although Saturday will be without regulars such as Ophelia Fracture and A Few Screws Lucy on the track, the All-Star charter has become well-rounded enough to fill in smoothly.

Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Omaha is a tough team that has seen different changes within their roster in the past, yet has made it to a WFTDA playoff tournament every year since 2010. Last year, they placed 9th at the Division 2 playoffs in Duluth, and currently are ranked #66 by WFTDA as of December 31st. OCCRG is actually ranked above them at #56, which they fought hard for throughout the 2014 season. It’s not a spot to take for granted, as each sanctioned game counts towards rankings, and shifts in teams around them can affect placement as well. This weekend will be the first step on the path towards tournament play this fall.

The first bout will start at 6pm, with the All-Star match up to follow. Keep tabs on our Facebook, and follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts @OCCRG. You can also follow our live-update Twitter account, @OCCRGbouts, for scores and updates throughout the game!

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