All-Stars Control Fargo, 215-142

On Saturday, April 4th, Fargo Moorhead, of Fargo, North Dakota, made their second trek to Iowa City in 3 years to take on the Old Cap All-Stars. The first time they came here, Fargo took a slim 18-point win over the All-Stars, after taking the lead back in the final quarter of the game. In the spring of 2014, the All-Stars traveled North and worked patiently and cohesively for their own win, by 7 points, after overcoming a sizable deficit in the first ten minutes of the game. This third meeting ended a bit more decisively, 215-142 in Old Cap’s favor, yet felt like a neck and neck game for the whole 60 minutes.

Left 4 Deadwards got Old Cap on the board with one point with a quick call off in the first jam, but then Fargo came back with 9 by Sarin Dipity. Deadwards and Outlaw Jessie Pains took the lead back over the next two jams, but Grateful Red won it back once more, making it 13-10. This back and forth in the score really proved how important  lead jammer status is in controlling the jam. After a fourth lead change in the score, Old Cap led Fargo for the rest of the game by utilizing effective offense, and six different jammers.

Despite Old Cap suffering more jammer penalties (by one), they scored more during power jams than Fargo did, and even effectively killed a whole power jam in the second half. In fact, OCCRD accrued more penalties over all, and only let Fargo come within 3 points towards the end of the first half, but then pulled away again, ending the 30 minute period with a 39-point lead.

During the break, the I.C. Bruisers, Iowa City’s junior roller derby league, took over for a ten minute scrimmage. They had their first game in Des Moines last month, and will have their first full home bout on Sunday, May 3rd against the Quad City Orphan Brigade.

Lady Hulk, A Few Screws Lucy, and PyroMAGniac, ready for the jammer. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Lady Hulk, A Few Screws Lucy, and PyroMAGniac, ready for the jammer. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

The second half started strong for Old Cap, as they scored 16 points over the first six jams, to only 2 points by Fargo. Lady Hulk’s persistent positional blocking and PyroMAGniac’s quick recycling, was effective at frustrating Fargo jammers, and keeping them in the pack. Splitting her time between jamming and blocking, Triple D Zaster scored 30 points in the star, but also stuck to Fargo jammers like glue. Pains ended up jamming more than she blocked, scoring 37 points and landing an epic apex jump late in the second half. Both sides worked hard on defense, and kept each other scoreless for a handful of jams. Despite the eventual point-spread, the game stayed exciting the whole way through.

OCCRD is at it again this weekend, but on the road with a Mauler and All-Star mixed roster headed to St. Paul, Minnesota. As Old Cap has done before, they are partaking in the annual Seeing Double game, a double header hosted by the Minnesota RollerGirls with the Swarm lacrosse team at the Xcel Energy Center. This time OCCRD will be up against the Dagger Dolls, the champion of MNRG’s home team season. Two recently graduated Old Cap 101s (skaters who joined us in December) will be suiting up for this bout, so look out for Fineas Rage and Liz Felix! It will also be the return of Krussia Bonez, who had recently taken some time away from derby.

The whole thing will kick off at 7pm (central), with Lacrosse happening first, and then they will roll up the turf and roller derby will start around 9pm. If you aren’t making the trip, you can watch online at

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