A Time for Giving Thanks

Ask a derby girl what she is thankful for, and the answers just might surprise you…(OK Thump-her’s was totally expected!) The women of roller derby aren’t only about the new wheels coming out or who has the worst derby funk.  I put the question out there and within two hours I had some really great responses. Here is what the ladies of TXRD had to say:


“I am thankful for a new start in life and TXRD. For my family and friends who stuck with me when I struggled the most. Thankful for the Rhinestones seeing the potential I never saw in myself til now and for the pumpkin pies I will devour this week with no shame!” – Petra O’leum


“I am thankful for my family…both home and TXRD. I am thankful for my career in deaf services that feeds my soul. And I am thankful for programmable thermostats that keep me both warm and cool.” – Loretta Synn


“As silly as part of this may sound, I’m thankful for my Mini (RIP)…one, for the great gas milage getting me back and forth to practices and private lessons over the past couple of years during my journey to becoming a TXRD member, and two, for literally saving my life the night of rollerball, from a crash I should not have survivied! I am grateful for my clients and the incredible career I have. It’s not work when you get to do something you love…helping others make their dreams reality! I am always grateful for my friends and family. There are some pretty kick ass people in my life! I am especially grateful for all my new TXRD friends and family. There are some very amazing women and men that make up this league!” – Hot Flash


“I am thankful for getting through a tough year surrounded by lots of great friends (who let me hit them!)” – Elle B Bach


“I’m thankful for my move to Austin, and for making the decision to go to TXRD skate academy and see if I might be able to meet some people. The past year and a half has brought me the most incredible life experiences – joining TXRD, buying a house, working for two incredible nonprofits serving the women of Texas, and meeting amazing women through TXRD! I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am certainly thankful for it.” – Bendy Davis


“I am thankful for getting a new/better job this year that doesn’t fill me with rage. I’m thankful for for family and derby family, a 20 year old car that’s as stubborn as I am, and the fact that Ninja Turtles are totally popular again” – Milla Juke-a-Bitch


“I’m thankful for an amazing first year in the league, my family and friends, my love, and for the challenges that remind me I’m alive.” – Juicy Cooter

“Delicious hummus and guacamole.” – Thump-her


From all of us at TXRD to all of you – Happy Holiday!!

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