#7 Philly Sequesters DC, 266-113


WASHINGTON, DC–On April 27 at the DC Armory, the DC All Stars (WFTDA 42) hosted the Philly Roller Girls (DNN #7, WFTDA 9) Liberty Belles, returning the favor from last season. When these two teams met last August 11 in Philadelphia, the score was Philly 287, DC All-Stars 103. Although DC jumped out to an early lead, Philly’s high-scoring powerjams and formidable defense kept DC from coming back. The Liberty Belles ended up relatively comfortable 266-113 winners.

The home team’s Frightmare drew first blood on a powerjam, with a sidelined Vanessa Sites (née V-Diva) and two other Philly players doing time in the penalty box, to end the first jam 19-0 DCRG. Lenore Gore added four more to make it 23-0.

Sites scored first for the visitors, putting up two in the 3rd jam, and then Philly began chipping away at the home team’s lead, with three successive hit-and-quits to rise to 14 with DCRG held on 23. Strong defense on both sides from standouts Sharp Shredder and Velocityraptor for DC, and Ginger Vitis and Rollanya Asse for Philly kept the score in check until the half’s midpoint, until Philly’s Teflon Donna and Antidote put together two successive power jams to go from a deficit to more than doubling DCRG’s score at 67-31.

With two more double-digit jams by Sites and Teflon Donna, Philly put the bout out of reach for the home team All-Stars, assuming a 110-39 lead. DC showed promise during a 20-point Frightmare powerjam with six minutes to go, ending 119-63, and with a halftime score of 132-68, there was still hope that DC could keep it close in the second half.

DC started the half strong, with Frightmare snagging lead jammer first, and Marion Barrycuda putting up 17 points on a powerjam with Sharp Shredder slicing lanes to narrow the deficit to 141-89. By the 7th jam, Philly was back in fine form: Teflon Donna stuck it to DC, scoring 20 on a powerjam with rookie Kung Pow Kitten stuck in the den, to increase Philly’s lead to 166-93. With another ‘Cuda powerjam for DC at the 17-minute mark, the score was 181-108.

Then Philly’s dominant defense, with standouts Copper Top, Gloria Grindem, Castro and Damage Dahl, held the DC All Stars scoreless for seven jams, including a 20-point jam by Sites and a 15-pointer by Devoida Mercy, to end at 228-108. Some intense jammer on jammer action between Devoida Mercy and Lenore Gore entertained the home crowd during a 0-0 jam at the half’s midpoint, but DC was essentially done for the day by then: in the last 17 minutes, DC only scored 5. With Lenore Gore’s hit-and-quit, and Jersey Jill’s +1, the final score was 266-113 Philly on the strength of Teflon Donna’s bout-ending 19-point jam.

Next up for the DC All-Stars is a road trip to Music City on May 11 to battle the Nashville Rollergirls, while the same day Philly will face former East Region rival Gotham Girls in Philadelphia.

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