#7 Philly Beats Back #19 Boston, 232-153


DUNDALK, MD — In a private, neutral-ground Sunday morning bout between Boston (DNN #19, WFTDA #21) and Philly (DNN #7, WFTDA #9) following Boston’s 214-108 loss to Charm City (DNN #15, WFTDA #12) on Saturday night, Boston found themselves following an increasingly familiar arc. Just as they’d done against Charm City in their last two matchups — and as they’d done against Philly in their Easterns playoff meeting — Boston seriously threatened an upset in an impressive first half before getting clobbered in the homestretch.

This time out, Boston led for the majority of the first half and fell behind in the last two minutes before halftime to trail by just 12 at the break, but a 77-4 run for Philly during the late game consigned Boston to a 79-point loss, 232-153.

Boston was able to draw first blood on a 1-0 even though V Diva had taken lead for Philly over Lil’ Paine, but Philly struck back with 24 unanswered points on the next three jams, including a 15-0 power jam to Antidote. That was immediately followed by Boston’s first power jam opportunity, though –  Maya Mangleyou racked 19-0 as Boston’s offense hung back and watched her punch her way through. Philly called their first timeout with 23:22 left in the first, leading 24-20.

Philly momentarily blunted the Boston momentum after the break, with V Diva overpowering the Boston defense multiple times in natural 9-0 and 7-0 jams  to make it 33-24 Philly. But two jams later, Ginger Kid had a big 22-0 power jam against a boxed Antidote to make it 46-40 Boston with 17:45 left in the first half, putting Boston in the lead for the first time since the first jam. 

Boston almost managed to hang on to the lead for the rest of the half. After about five minutes, it had shrunk to 57-53 before they caught a break on a jammer penalty against Philly’s Devoida Mercy. Ginger Kid, Shark Week, Bad Person and Anna WrecksYa did an effective job of keeping Philly’s pack from walling up on the power jam, and it went big for Space Invader, who put up 19-0 and gave Boston their biggest lead of the game, 76-53, with just under nine minutes in the first half.

Philly rallied hard there, shutting Boston out on four jams in a row and reducing the margin to 76-68 with about five minutes in the half; Boston finally got back on the board on the weak side of a 3-2 jam to V Diva over Lil Paine. With 1:30 in the half, Boston was clinging to a steadily diminishing 78-72 advantage — and a track cut major to Craisy Dukes finally gave Philly the lead again as Antidote rode Philly’s passive offensive to a 14-0. 

It was 86-78 Philly there as Antidote called the jam with a few ticks left on the clock and Dukes still in the box, but Boston called an official review, apparently on the Dukes major, with just one second left in the first half. That allowed for one more jam in the half; Teflon Donna used the waning moments of the power jam to pick up lead jammer and 4-0 to close the half’s action at 90-78.

The first jam of the second half couldn’t have been a worse opener for Boston, though — they lost jammer Lil Paine to the box while Philly ace V Diva had the star, and Diva used passive Philly offense to put up the biggest jam of the game, a 30-0 that quickly made the scoreboard lopsided at 120-78. The jam capped off a 67-2 run for Philly.  

The underdogs never fully recovered from that blast, although they kept the outcome questionable for a bit longer. Boston managed to rally a bit over the next two jams, taking 8-4 and 10-4; the second one saw Philly jammer Antidote crash-landing a big apex jump on her hip after getting shot down by a timely swoop from Ginger Kid. Antidote finished out the jam but appeared hurt and favored one leg for the rest of the bout. With 24 minutes, Philly led 128-86.

The margin stayed fairly similar to a new score of 140-97 before Boston launched their final rally with about 20 minutes to play. They gambled a bit on a Craisy Dukes vs Teflon Donna jam, keeping the jam running in apparent hopes that their 4-2 pack advantage could stuff Tef, but Teflon got through multiple times before finally going to the box in a very high scoring 25-15 jam to Boston. Ginger Kid got a few moments alone as jammer on the other side of Tef’s penalty; her 9-0 made it 155-131 Philly with 16:40 left, and Boston looked to be one big jam away from another lead change.

Unfortunately for the underdogs, though, Philly finally put their foot down there and held Boston to just 4 points over the next 15 minutes. Following a 4-0 V Diva run, Antidote was back in action for the first time since her hard fall earlier in the half, still looking a bit sore but fighting through it on a 15-0 power jam that moved the momentum permanently back to Philly.

The margin grew to 185-131 before Boston finally eked out a 2-1 win with just about 9 minutes left in the game. Dixie Kicks was boxed as Boston jammer on the followup, and even though they caught a minor break when V Diva prematurely called it at 5-0, it still wasn’t exactly good news as Diva simply came right back out and added 19 more.

With 7 minutes to play, it was 210-133 Philly, and Boston couldn’t catch a break until the last minute of the game, by which time they were on the wrong side of a 77-4 Philly run and trailing by almost 100, 232-135. A jammer penalty on Philly’s Devoida Mercy allowed Boston to win the last two jams 13-0 and 5-0 to make the final score a little more respectable at 232-153.

Philly moved to 2-0 in WFTDA play for 2013 following a 231-129 win over Charm City last month; Boston dropped to 0-3 with previous losses to Charm City and Montreal (188-117).

In two weeks, Boston gets into a rare WFTDA vs MRDA matchup when they take on men’s team Mass Maelstrom (MRDA #6) at Boston’s Shriner’s Auditorium on April 27. Philly is also in action the same day, playing an away game against DC (WFTDA #42).

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