#4 Texas Stones #10 Rocky Mountain, 281-130


Republished with permission from Texas Rollergirls.

AUSTIN, TX—The Texecutioners looked to be in trouble as this game began, with Rocky Mountain’s 5280 Fight Club opening up a solid early lead—but they put up fully half their final tally in the first 15 minutes of the game. The home team had a slower start but went on a 109-14 tear late in the first period, taking the lead 15 minutes in and never giving it up en route to a 150-point victory, 281-130.

Both sides fielded their crack jammers to start the bout, with Olivia Shootin’ John taking the star for the Texies and Sweet Mary Pain for Rocky Mountain. Pain picked up lead jammer status and two points, but called off the jam as OJ hit the pack. The visitors followed that up with another lead jammer call for Castrator over Bloody Mary—and the jam again went 2-0 in Rocky’s favour. The third jam was more of the same: a lead jammer call for Rocky and a call-off during the initial scoring pass as the Texas jammer caught up.

The pattern broke in the next jam, though. Sweet Mary Pain picked up lead jammer status with OJ about a quarter lap back – but OJ overtook her during the jammers’ first scoring pass. In the next pass, Rox Yorr Soxov and a teammate locked down OJ, allowing Pain a grand slam to take the score to 23-10 in Rocky’s favour with five minutes gone. That came at a cost, though—Rocky lost two blockers to the penalty box, handing the Texies a 4-2 pack advantage in the next jam. Sarah Hipel turned that two-blocker advantage into a 2-0 jam.

In the next jam, Bloody Mary cut her way to the box with the Texas star. In the ensuing power jam, Alpha Q Up stretched Rocky’s lead to 43-12 despite heavy defence from Fifi Nomenon, Desi Cration and, returning from the box, Barbara Ambush. An official time out then stopped the clock with just under 22 minutes left in the game.

The next jam started with Bloody Mary standing in the box with the Texas star, alongside a blocker apiece seated for both Texas and Rocky. Rocky jammer Sweet Mary Pain picked up a major penalty on her initial pass, although the penalty didn’t catch up with her until the jam had been called off. OJ took the star for Texas in the ensuing power jam—she ran for 28-0, calling off the jam as Pain hit the back of the pack on her scoring pass.

Both teams started to run into penalty trouble at that point, though, with the packs dwindling to two blockers apiece—and after a track cut for Hipel, just a single jammer. Alpha Q Up added a further 14 for the 5280 Fight Club as Hipel sat in the box. OJ struck back in the next jam to bring the score to 66-44 in the visitors’ favour with 13 minutes remaining in the period.

The next jam was definitely a highlight. Stifled in the pack, Alpha Q Up passed the Rocky star to Fiona Grapple—who struggled to get the cover onto her helmet, ultimately skating backwards away from the pack, resettling her pivot cover and then putting the jammer star over the top, laughing right along with the crowd. In the meantime, Hauss the Boss brought the Texies into their first lead of the night, 67-66 with 11 minutes to play.

An official time-out stopped play at that point to determine the legality of the star pass. Since the pass hadn’t been completed when Alpha was sent to the penalty box, she remained the jammer of record and Fiona Grapple was still pivot, despite being in possession of the jammer star. When the game resumed, Rocky had two blockers and their jammer, Alpha, seated in the penalty box, along with Texas’ Polly Gone. Hipel capitalised on that advantage to stretch the Texies’ lead to 85-68—and the team had another big opportunity when Castrator landed in the box with the Rocky star in the next jam. That brought the Texas lead to 110-68 and Rocky called an official review.

The teams traded low scoring and relatively equal jams over the next few minutes—a 3-3, a 1-1—but in the second-last jam of the half, OJ leapt out for a quick lead jammer call over a 3-2 Texas pack. That jam concluded with 31 seconds to play and the Rocky jammer seated in the penalty box with a blocker from each team. In the ensuing power jam, Hipel gave the Texies a 153-80 halftime lead.

Play resumed with a few low-scoring jams for each side, as well as a string of penalties that saw the packs dwindle to 2-2. The score stood at 157-82 in the Texies’ favour when lead jammer Castrator landed in the penalty box with the Rocky star; with a 3-2 pack advantage, OJ ran for 20 before Castrator returned to the track—and then headed straight back to the penalty box after a track cut. That jam ended with a 99-point lead for the Texecutioners, 181-82, and 24 minutes left on the clock.

Hauss the Boss took the star in the next jam as the Fight Club filled their penalty box. She was able to bring the Texies’ score to 199, while Casstrator, upon her return to the track, added 4 to bring Rocky to 86. Rocky were able to add another 7 before Texas scored another power jam, breaking the double-century at 218-93 with 18 minutes left to play.

Massive penalty trouble for both sides saw the pack dwindle to 2-1 in Rocky’s favour halfway through the second period as the Fight Club edged past the century mark.

Those full penalty boxes continued over the next few minutes, with Alpha Q Up trying to buy some time for her seated blockers by playing defense on fellow jammer Hauss the Boss. She was able to force Hauss 20 feet back from the pack, but didn’t stop the Texas jammer picking up lead jammer status—and both jammers added points to bring it to 231-113 with 9 minutes left to play. At that point, frequent jammer for Rocky Casstrator fouled out.

A 3-2 pack disadvantage couldn’t stop OJ adding points for Texas—and in the next jam, Hauss the Boss picked up a power jam with another 3-2 pack disadvantage when Alpha Q Up headed to the penalty box. The penalty box emptied at that point for the first time in the period—although not for long. With five minutes left to play, the Texecutioners held a 130 point lead, 253-121.

Rocky were able to pick up a few low-scoring jams over the next couple of minutes, but with less than two minutes left, Sweet Mary Pain committed a track cut, allowing OJ to stretch out the Texas lead. She called off that jam with 38 seconds left on the clock and Pain standing in the box. That final jam was a 4-0 for Bloody Mary, who called off the jam as the clock hit 0, securing a 281-130 win for the Texecutioners in their first home appearance of 2013.

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