4-13-13 Bout Recap

After defeating the Sioux City Roller Dames on their home turf at the Rolling Along the River tournament last September, the Paper Valley Roller Girls (PVRG) knew that these girls wouldn’t be going down without a fight. The Dames made their way up to Wisconsin with vengeance on their minds.

The minute the first whistle blew, it was clear to the skaters of both teams that Sioux City was not the same team they had been six months prior. Demonstrating lots of fancy footwork and backwards skating, the Dames made it clear from the get go that they were determined to crush the PVRG.

PVRG quickly took the lead, with the second jam landing the girls with an 18 point jam from Chop Stick Ya, making the score 23 to 10, in favor of PVRG. The Dames quickly locked down on their defense, leaving PVRG without a point scored for the next 6 jams, until Kat Von Devious took the jammer line and scored another 5 points for PVRG, bringing the score to 28 to 35, in favor of the Dames.

Photo by Marty Fraley

Photo by Marty Fraley

With the Dames in the lead, they gave their jammers who’d been working double time (Sum Mo Payne, and Fun Size) a break, bringing out PBR for a back to back jam. Track cuts and clockwise blocking was proving to be a huge crutch to PVRG, with multiple blockers in the penalty box at the same time. The score bounced back and forth for most of the game, until Sum Mo Payne took the jammer line against Banana Ramya, scoring 15 points, and leaving Banana pointless, bringing the score to 60 to 78, in favor of the Dames.

Recognizing the strong players, PVRG cracked down on their defense against the strong jammers from Sioux City, specifically Mo Payne. Playing in every other jam, and then going into block, PVRG knew it was only a matter of time until the Dames endurance wore thin, and PVRG kept playing a slow steady game.

The second half showed just that. PVRG was left without a point scored during the first 4 consecutive jams, while the Dames’ jammers racked up points, bringing the score to 89 to 131, in favor of the Dames. Any fan at Skaters Edge could attest to the energy and the intensity of this bout as PVRG fought tooth and nail to make sure these ladies wouldn’t defeat them.

Photo by Marty Fraley

Photo by Marty Fraley

The Dames tried to pull some patient offense trickery, with Sum Mo Payne knocking Pissy Pistol off the jammer line right at the first whistle, and running to make her way behind her wall, waiting for Pissy to have to enter right behind her. Pissy played smart, not falling for the trap and the game was at a stand still for the full 2 minutes. The fans were not having it, and started jeering and booing the “stroller derby” that was disappointing for them to watch. The Dames quickly abandoned this approach, and reverted back to hard hitting roller derby we all know and love.

Chop Stick Ya had an incredible 17 point jam in the 2nd half, bringing the score to 111 to 139, in favor of the Dames, but PVRG’s incredible defense was working hard to keep the Dames’ jammer in line and preventing them from scoring. The real game changer was Pissy Pistol’s amazing 35 point power jam while the Dames’ jammer was spending 2 minutes in a penalty box. The ladies kept going at it for the remainder of the bout, until Sioux City finally fell to Paper Valley, the final score being 203 to 200.

After a very high intense bout from PVRG, history was in the making for the Green Bay Smackers as they hosted the first MRDA sanctioned bout in the state of Wisconsin against the Sioux City Kornstalkers.   The Kornstalkers were the first team the Smackers beat in 2011 at the Rolling Along the River tournament in Iowa.  The Kornstalkers came to Wisconsin with a vengeance against the Smackers.

The beginning of the bout was pretty even as both teams were only able to make one scoring pass in a jam, but not until Sioux City’s Nileateher scored a 15 point jam giving them the lead 62-24.  Barbarossa and Camel Joe followed Nileather’s lead by scoring another 15 point jam and a 25 point jam. Smackers’ jammers were struggling and were only able to make one more scoring pass for the first half.  Penalties were also a big problem as most of the half the Smackers had only 2 or 3 blockers on the track.  The first half ended with a score of 122-41 in favor of the Kornstalkers.


Photo by Marty Fraley

The Smackers were not able to handle the full roster from Sioux City in the second half as the first two jams, Sioux City scored a 17 and 24 point jam.  Smacker’s jammer Shock Strap tried to bring some life into the game scoring a 15 point jam, but penalties were killing the Smackers as four players fouled out (seven major penalties) and two were ejected.  In the last 10 jams the Smackers were only able to score 4 points and the game ended sadly in a forfeit by the head ref with the final score Kornstalkers 255, Smackers 68.

The Smackers would like to give an apology for our actions from this bout.  Emotions were high for all of us that day and it got the best of us as we ended up being a poor example of good sportsmanship.  This is not how we believe the game of roller derby should be. We apologize to everyone that has worked to make this sport what it is and we are working together to prevent theses actions from happening again.  This is not the outcome we wanted and we are very sorry to all those we disappointed and disrespected.


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