#23 Wasatch Seasons #20 Sacred, 214-148


EUGENE, OR–There was a lot of hype leading up to this game between the two highest ranked teams playing at the Big O, and the match up between Sacred City (#20 DNN, WFTDA 27) and Wasatch Roller Derby (#24 DNN, WFTDA 20) did not disappoint. The game was characterized by fierce, physical pack play and pitted the light-footed and oft-airborne jammers from Utah against the inexorable forward momentum of Sacred’s 4closer and Daddy’s Girl. After seven lead changes and remarkable defensive and offensive efforts by both teams, Wasatch held Sacred nearly scoreless for an almost 15 minute stretch late in the second half and emerged victorious 214-148.

The score was back and forth until the 12th jam, when Sacred took advantage of a 4-2 pack advantage and a broken skate for Wasatch jammer Harry Slaughter–which escalated to a Gross Misconduct call and expulsion–to put 20 unanswered points on the board, giving Sacred the lead 54-35.

Two jams later, with Sacred jammer Colt 45 serving time for a track cut, Wasatch’s Skull Candi withstood monster hits and tight pack play by the Sacred defense to stay on her skates and bring the score to 58-55 Sacred with 10:50 to go in the half.

A powerjam for Sacred’s 4closer, followed by a quick 4-0 for jammer Daddy’s Girl, extended Sacred’s lead 76-55 Sacred with 6:44 to go in the half. Wasatch turned things around with the punishing packwork of Pfister, Bruiser Ego, Colonel Skirts and Skatey Gaga, and the light feet of jammer Moonraker, to regain the lead and end the half, 103-80.

In the second jam of the second half, relentless hounding by Slapjack forced Wasatch jammer Bunz Bunny to cut the track, leaving the dangerous 4closer as the only jammer. But the Wasatch defense–marshalled by Colonel Skirts–had the 4closer’s number and held her for a full 40 seconds, forcing her to call off the jam with only five points when Bunz Bunny made it out of the pack and into scoring position.

During a subsequent lengthy timeout, the fan sections for both teams kept the rivalry going, with the spectacle of Wasatch’s sasquatch mascot and the din of their cowbells and triangles warring with the unholy lowing of Sacred’s vuvuzela.

With under 15 minutes to go, while Wasatch jammer Moonraker again sat in the penalty box, Sacred regained the lead 133-127, but the next jam saw Daddy’s girl head to the box for Sacred and Skull Candi leapt, ducked and spun her way to 30 unanswered points and the end of Sacred’s contention in the game. For the remainder of the bout, the Wasatch blockers allowed Sacred to score only 15 points (and 12 of those came during the final jam when Skull Candi was running down the clock), while their own jammers racked up 57 points. As their team skated to victory and a final score of 214-148, the Wasatch cheering section put up a wall of sound as formidable as their heroes’ defense.

Wasatch take on Arizona tomorrow at 2.15p.m. before returning to a broadcast track for a bout with Victorian Roller Derby to close out The Big O on Sunday. Sacred return to the same track to take on Victoria at 8.45p.m. tomorrow before a 12.15p.m. bout against Terminal City on Sunday.

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