2016: Year in Pictures

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As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on how the last 12 months in Roller Derby went. By the time we hit December there have been so many tournaments, games, traveling, and general life things keeping us busy, it’s hard to remember what happened as far back as January. After what’s felt like a very, very long year, we thought the best way to re-live it is to sit back and look at some amazing images.

There are tons of great photographers around the world documenting our sport and ensuring that some of the most exciting games and history-making moments are being immortalized. That way when we’re in our old age, we can reunite with our teammates, A League of Their Own style, and look back and remember the time that Rose City beat Gotham on their home turf or Europe held their first Division 1 tournament.

We’re putting out a call for photographers to send us some of your best, most memorable photographs from 2016 so we can put them all in one place for the derby community to see. We’re open to any version of the sport, adult or junior, from anywhere around the globe. They will be gathered into albums on our Facebook page so it will be easy for people to click through to individual photographer’s pages and see more. We ask that each photographer submits one photo per category, and depending on the response we get, we will accept them at our own discretion.

It’s hard to pick just one moment, we know, but we’re hoping to get a wider range of subjects with three different categories:

Peak Action
This category is your basic derby photo with a focus on the most exciting moments non the track. Think of apex jumps, jammers chasing each other around the track, a sweet offensive block, or the moment the jammer explodes from the pack. Action and speed can be hard to capture at times, with still frames of our high-intense, contact sport being reduced to awful derbyface*, or a paceline of blockers in a speeding pack. Pictures for this category should embody the action of roller derby; the parts that make the crowd go wild.

This isn’t restricted to images of skaters, there’s plenty of skill and intensity from officials on the track as well. The focus of this category is the game and pictures that embody the action of roller derby and make the crowd go wild.

Sometimes there are great moments that happen on and around the track, but aren’t part of the main event. These are shots that speak to the emotional side of the sport or just illustrate the fun moments between skaters, officials, coaches, volunteers, or fans. Submissions for this category depict what goes on inside the venue at a derby event, the people and things that go into putting on a game or tournament. It can involve skaters on the track, but take more of a feature or editorial angle rather than focusing on the action in the game.

Derby Culture
As most of you know, when you take on roller derby, you are generally taking on or accepting the culture that surrounds it. Joining a league usually means committee meetings, fundraising events, long car or plane rides, and probably a parade or two. Subject matter for this category should be outside of a typical game our tournament venue, which can include things such as Rollercon or other boot camps, league awards or parties, and any other roller derby related themes that aren’t specifically part of the game. (Maybe someone had a derby wedding this year?)

Photos can be submitted to us via e-mail at derbycentralphoto@gmail.com and should be in whatever size or resolution that is suitable for Facebook. These pictures will not be used for anything else, other than the album being embeded in an article on our site. We encourage photographers to include a brief caption with each photo, describing who and what is happening to give it some context within the year. Please get them in by December 24th so that we can post them the last week of 2016.

We ask that the photographer please submit the photo, but everyone should also share this with your league photographers or encourage them to submit any of your personal favorites. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

*That un-photogenic face you make when you’re waiting for the jammer or going in for a hit with your eyes squeezed shut/cheeks puffed out/snarl on your face. Also the name of a podcast.

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