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The 2016 International Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Championships are being held in Portland, Oregon, November 4th-6th. Hosted by the reigning Champions, Rose City Rollers, the tournament will consist of 12 Division 1 teams and 4 Division 2 teams.

The top three teams from each Division 1 Playoff tournament- Montréal, Columbia, Vancouver, and Madison– qualified for the WFTDA Champs bracket and will play for the Hydra. The top two teams from each Division 2 Playoff tournament- Wichita and Lansing– play for the D2 Cup. Catch up on how each team has done this year with a preview of Division 2 Brandywine versus Charlottesville and Calgary versus Blue Ridge, as well as Friday’s Division 1 match ups, and Saturday’s D1 quarterfinal games.

Watch all the games on WFTDA.tv Friday and Saturday, and then if you live within the United States, watch the last day on ESPN3. If you’re located outside the U.S. You will still watch on WFTDA.tv. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for tournament updates.

The games will take place in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) with Daylight Saving Time ending between Saturday and Sunday in the United States which sets the clock back an hour to Pacific Standard Time (PST). The schedule below also shows times for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)(Convert to your local time here.). Teams are ranked as of the September 3oth WFTDA Rankings release.

D2G1: 10am PDT/5pm GMT/4am AEDT
#50 Brandywine vs #52 Charlottesville
Halftime: CDD vs BRD 128-72; Final: BRD 205-200 CVDD
Recap | Video

D2G2: 12pm PDT/7pm GMT/6am AEDT
#48 Calgary vs #43 Blue Ridge
Halftime: BRRG 89-84 CRDA; Final: BRRG 225-183 CRDA
Recap | Video

D1G1: 2pm PDT/9pm GMT/8am AEDT
#7 Denver vs #8 Arch Rival
Halftime: ARCH 83-64 DRD; Final: ARCH 177-165 DRD
Recap | Video

D1G2: 4pm PDT/11pm GMT/10am AEDT
#4 Angel City vs #19 Montreal
Halftime: ACDG 108-74 MRD; Final: ACDG 217-116 MRD
Recap | Video

D1G3: 6pm PDT/1am GMT/12pm AEDT
#9 Minnesota vs #10 Jacksonville
Halftime: JRG 88-84 MNRG; Final: JRG 207-158 MNRG
Recap | Video

D1G4: 8:00pm PDT/3am GMT/2pm AEDT
#6 Texas vs #11 Rat City
Halftime: TXRG 116-20 RCRG; Final: TXRG 238-50 RCRG
Recap | Video

D1G5: 10am PDT/5pm GMT/4am AEDT
#5 London vs #8 Arch Rival
Halftime: LRG 106-37 ARCH; Final: LRG 197-94 ARCH
Recap | Video

D1G6: 12pm PDT/7pm GMT/6am AEDT
#1 Gotham vs #4 Angel City
Halftime: GGRD 91-83 ACDG; Final: GGRD 197-168 ACDG
Recap | Video

D1G7: 2pm PDT/9pm GMT/8am AEDT
#2 Victoria vs #10 Jacksonville
Halftime: VRDL 122-56 JRG Final: VRDL 231-98 JRG
Recap | Video

D1G8: 4pm PDT/11pm GMT/10am AEDT
#3 Rose City vs #6 Texas
Halftime: TXRG 111-90 RCR; Final: RCR 186-172 TXRG
Recap | Video

D1G9: 6:30pm PDT/1:30am GMT/12:30pm AEDT
#5 London vs #1 Gotham
Halftime: GGRD 80-61 LRG; Final: GGRD 189-163 LRG
Recap | Video

D1G10: 8:30pm PDT/3:30am GMT/2:30pm AEDT
#2 Victoria vs #3 Rose City
Halftime: RCR 77-59 VRDL; Final: RCR 155-152 VRDL
Recap | Video

***Daylight Saving Time ends in the United States. Turn clock back an hour.***
D2G3: 12pm PST/8pm GMT/7am AEDT
D2 3rd Place: #48 Calgary vs #52 Charlottesville
Halftime: CRDA 121-83 CVDD; Final: CRDA 252-197 CVDD
Recap | Video

D2G4: 2pm PST/10pm GMT/9am AEDT
D2 1st Place: #43 Blue Ridge vs #50 Brandywine
Halftime: BRRG 125-78 BRG; Final: BRRG 257-188 BRG
Recap | Video 
– starts at 1:45

D1G11: 4pm PST/12am GMT/11am AEDT
D1 3rd Place: #2 Victoria vs #5 London
Halftime: VRDL 95-39 LRG; Final: VRDL 198-108 LRG
Recap | Video 
– starts at 3:43

D1G12: 6pm PST/2am GMT/1pm AEDT
D1 1st Place: #3 Rose City vs #1 Gotham
Halftime: GGRD 97-81 RCR; Final: RCR 186-166 GGRD
Recap | Video 
– starts at 5:26

Tournament MVP: Brawn Swanson of the Rose City Rollers
WFTDA Legend Award: Bloody Mary of the Texas Rollergirls








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