2016 Midwest BrewHaHa Day 3 Recap

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MILWAUKEE, WI – The last day of the 7th annual Midwest BrewHaHa continued with some exciting games, more streaking, and the Orphan Brigade’s tiniest jammer made the crowd in the venue and at home go wild.

Out of Sunday’s WFTDA sanctioned games, there was an average 40-point halftime score difference, and an average 50-point spread in final scores. Excluding the outlier, Bear City versus Brewcity game – which Bear City won by 172 points – the average final win margin for Sunday’s WFTDA games was by 19.5 points.

The morning started with a Junior game, bright and early at 8am CDT between Indianapolis and the Brewcity Micro Bruisers. Of the three junior teams in attendance, Indianapolis was the only one ranked and they will be attending the 2016 JRDA Championships in July. Ranked #7 in the Female Division, the Indianapolis Juniors took a solid win against the Micro Bruisers 539-73.

Since the Micros and Orphan Brigade had a close game on Saturday, it confirmed expectations to see Indiana take another win handily against the Quad City Juniors later in the day on Sunday, which they did 425-48. The Orphan Brigade tried to use some size difference to their advantage however, and put the tiny Chevy Killerado out to jam after she begged for the star. She earned 5 of their points with the biggest smile on her face as she battled their giant walls.

Indianapolis Juniors vs Quad City Orphan Brigade. Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Indianapolis Juniors vs Quad City Orphan Brigade. Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

For men’s games, we saw some more lopsided match ups but did have the closest men’s game of the weekend between the Drive-By City Rollers and Milwaukee Blitzdkreig. Drive-By started with a 19-point jam by Rave N’ BustHer and the LA team continued to jump ahead in the score with point bursts and then Milwaukee would do something to bring it a bit closer again.

Drive-By vs Blitzdkreig. Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

Drive-By vs Blitzdkreig. Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

Drive-By pulled away further in the second half however, bringing it out of reach of the Blitzdkreig. Kingpin fouled out about the same time after he had been putting up many of Milwaukee’s points. A 31-0 run by Milwaukee at the end gave them a boost, but Drive-By still took it by 61 points, 216-155. Even though they held control of the game the entire time, it was a slow defensive grind. Rave scored the most for Drive-By with 74 points. Drive-By won 2 and lost 2 of their games, while the Bitzdkreig lost all three.

The #3 Texas Men’s team took on #29 Rock City, who only had 9 skaters all weekend, and beat them 462-60. Rock City scored half of their points in the first 5 jams and only picked up 3 lead jammer statuses in total. Texas gave up 5 power jams in a row early on, futhering the penalty problems from Saturday night. Rock City only earned 27 total penalties, but with them spread across a shorter roster that meant two skaters ended the game with 6 penalties. Despite the large point spread, the #29 Fargo men held impressive defense against a team ranked much higher than them. They finished with one win and two losses while Texas won three of their four games.

GateKeepers vs Terrors. Photo credit: Quick'N'Derby.

GateKeepers vs Terrors. Photo credit: Quick’N’Derby.

In the afternoon the #1 GateKeepers beat #12 Twin Cities Terrors 425-58, with the Terrors doing better than predicted. They only obtained 4 jammer penalties against a team who loves to pull track cuts, and picked up 32 penalties in total, 10 less than the GateKeepers. Twin Cities was held to zero points for about the first 15 minutes and only had 9 by halftime. Their second half was a bit more successful by getting out of the pack with star passes and a huge 25-point jam by Derbie Monster in the last jam. The GateKeepers finished BrewHaHa 3-0 while the Terrors went 1-2.

Compared with how St. Louis did against the Minnesota Men and Texas’s score against the same opponent (405-52), implies that maybe Saturday’s game between the GateKeepers and Texas was just a bad night for the Texans who racked up 52 total penalties. We will see just how strong the St. Louis Men are this year when they host Sibling Rivalry at the end of the month.

North Star’s Northern Lights and Naptown’s Warning Belles finished out the weekend with a classic Midwest match-up and it was the first closely matched game of the day. There were only six penalties between both teams in the first eight jams while Naptown got out to a 42-8 start. After that each team scored in clumps, and by the half North Star was down, 137-103.

In the second half, scoring slowed way down, and quick, low scoring jams meant it was a fast-paced period with a lot of jams. A late 15-point jam by The Fawkes for North Star put them within 16 points, but Naptown outlasted them to a 193-163 win. The Warning Belles went undefeated with three wins while the Northern Lights won two out of three.

North Star Northern Lights vs Naptown Warning Belles. Photo credit: Quick'N'Derby.

North Star Northern Lights vs Naptown Warning Belles. Photo credit: Quick’N’Derby.

The other unsanctioned WFTDA game was between the Brewcity Battlestars and the West Coast Knockouts. Ranked #247, the Californians have only really played locally, so this was the first big trip playing new teams with different referees and in a new environment. Although they lost all their games, Sunday’s against the Battlestars was the closest at 175-130. At the half, Brewcity had only led by 6 points, but after West Coast experienced multiple ejections and foul outs, their roster began to dwindle and they couldn’t pick up necessary lead jams to put up the points they needed. The Battlestars ended the weekend 1-2.

The first WFTDA sanctioned game was at 11:30am on Sunday, and was an exciting down-to-the-last-jam game between #39 Mad Rollin’ Dolls and #43 Houston. This was another case of the team down at the half stealing the win in the end, and while Madison enjoyed a 94-72 lead at the break, Houston picked up 61.1% of the lead jammer calls in the second half allowing them to control scoring. It also didn’t help that the Dairyland Dolls had 9 jammer penalties in the second half and Mouse was expelled on her 6th due to an egregious back block.

With minutes left in the game, Black Velvet took Mouse’s place in the box, but sat right back down after returning to the track and getting immediately forced on a track cut. Entering the last jam with a daunting 29-point deficit, she came back to score those 29 points with the help of a power jam. Houston’s Slayer Moon had started her scoring pass before going to the box however, so as the final seconds ticked off the clock and Black Velvet picked up her last 5 points, 4 more went up for Houston as well and they earned their second weekend victory, 179-175. It was Madison’s only loss as they finished the weekend 2-1 in with three very exciting match-ups. With Houston’s flight getting delayed and missing Friday the team only played two games and won both of them.

Madison vs Houston. Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography,

Madison vs Houston. Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography.

#38 Nashville had the potential for a similarly exciting last chance jam as well, but MEGAnTRON got lead jammer status in the final jam for #58 Tri-City and continued patiently until the clock ran out. Both she and Lady Fury picked up 12 points each, with only one blocker from each team on the track at one point, and Tri-City was able to secure a 178-156 win. Lady Fury’s 29-point jam in the middle of the second half brought Nashville within 5 points, but a Crazy Squirrel and MEGAnTRON rotation for Tri-City combined with picking up nearly all the lead calls for the remainder of the game helped pad their lead again. The Music City All Stars finished the weekend 0-3 while Tri-City ended up 1-1.

#37 Windy City has proved so far this year that they can bounce back after a tough season, and with their 2nd win at BrewHaHa against #52 Calgary, they are 7-2 in 2016. After a quarter of game play they had built a 55-7 lead against Calgary, but the Canadians weren’t going to let it go that easily. Windy dominated lead jammer percentage in the first half with 75% but Calgary evened it out in the second half and actually outscored Windy 82-56. Killanois and Mia Go Hamm both picked up 20-point jams in the game, and ended with 82 and 57 points respectively. Despite the closer second half, Windy’s first half lead helped them finish with a 185-142 victory. Calgary left Milwaukee with two wins and one loss.

With only 1 point separating #57 Cincinnati and #66 Grand Raggidy at the half, it was important in the second half for Cinci to control their game to try and pull ahead. It appeared that maybe they would do so as Wheezy returned from the break to put up a 20-point power jam, but Cincinnati slowly lost that lead as they accrued 12 jammer penalties in the second half to Grand Raggidy’s 2. It didn’t mean a runaway game for Grand Raggidy however, as the Black Sheep defense killed many of those penalties, and clung to their lead for a quarter of the second half.

Grand Raggidy vs Cincinnati. Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography.

Grand Raggidy vs Cincinnati. Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography.

In the second to last jam, Jas Hubbard’s 15-point jam forced Grand Raggidy’s Xtreme Tac to pass the star to Garden Ho who ultimately sat in the box with a back block. That put Cincinnati on the line with a power start in the last jam and down 16 points. Garden Ho returned to successfully pass the star to Lucy Morals who put up 12 points to Wheezy’s 19, giving Grand Raggidy a 165-156 win, and finished the weekend 2-1 while the Black Sheep left BrewHaHa 0-2.

The final game of the tournament was between the #71 Brewcity hosts and #48 Bear City from Berlin, Germany. With 106 points by Mia Missile alone, Bear City ended the weekend 2-2 with the 278-106 win over Brewcity. The home team came out of the tournament 0-3.

Check out our recaps of Day 1 and Day 2, and to see all the scores from the weekend hit up our BrewHaHa Central post.

*This article is updated with the most recent May WFTDA Rankings.

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