2016 Midwest BrewHaHa Day 1 Recap

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MILWAUKEE, WI – The first day of the 7th Annual Midwest BrewHaHa is in the books. While there were some close games, there were a couple of blowouts as well – especially on the Men’s side of the tournament. The MRDA teams involved range from #1 and #3 to #29 and #40, while the WFTDA teams start at #9 and go all the way to #71 and #247.*

Head over to our BrewHaHa Central page for the score updates, and head here for pictures from Day 1.

The first game on Friday was between North Star’s B team, the Northern Lights, and the West Coast Knockouts – a team from Ventura, California who are currently ranked #247 in the April WFTDA rankings. While the Knockouts barely picked up any penalties (they only had 2 jammer penalties, and 13 total), they had a hard time picking up lead jammer or putting up the points they needed, and ultimately fell to North Star 232-71. Today the West Coast Knockouts will take on Naptown’s B team at 12:30pm CDT, while the Northern Lights will play Brewcity’s Battlestars at 4pm CDT.

The other unsanctioned game of the day was Brewcity’s Battlestars against Naptown’s Warning Belles, which Naptown took 169-151 after multiple lead changes.

Blitzdkreig vs Rock City. Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

Blitzdkreig vs Rock City. Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

The Men’s Roller Derby Association’s sanctioned games on the first day of BrewHaHa were between teams that were a bit further from each other in the rankings. The closest game was between #29 Rock City Riot out of Fargo, North Dakota, and #40 Milwaukee Blitzdkreig. Rock City only got 36.8% lead jammer in the first half, but scored 138 points to Milwaukee’s 75. They picked up more lead calls in the second half and the scoring was much tighter, but Rock City took the game 270-121.

The other two Men’s games were won by much bigger margins, with #3 Texas taking #12 Twin Cities Terrors, 405-52. Last year’s MRDA Champions, The St. Louis GateKeepers, beat #21 Drive-By City Rollers by 512 points, 526-14.

We will see a much closer matchup between the GateKeepers and Texas today at 8:30pm. The two had previously played last year at BrewHaHa where Texas took the game by 10 points, but then St. Louis beat Texas at the River City Warmup 214-102. #40 Blitzdkreig will face #12 TC Terrors at 1:15pm CDT and #21 Drive-By will take on #29 Rock City at 4:45pm CDT.

In the WFTDA sanctioned games played, the first was the closest game of the day. Paradise City has only played sanctioned games since May of 2015 but this is the first time they have made the trip out of Australia to play higher ranked teams who will potentially help their ranking. With their 13-point loss to #57 Calgary, Flat Track Stats puts Paradise City now at #44 in WFTDA. The two teams each accrued 38 total penalties, but the Australians’ 9 jammer penalties to the Canadians’ 8 must have tipped the scale just enough into Calgary’s favor to help them win 168-155.

The Tri-City and Houston game scheduled for 3pm CDT was canceled, due to Houston’s flight being delayed multiple times and then canceled altogether due to weather. They are hoping to reschedule the match-up, but nothing is on the books yet. This gap, plus Burning River pulling out prior to the weekend, left about an hour and half empty time in the schedule Friday with no games being played.

The games picked back up with Windy City’s 289-112 win over Bear City, who is playing without Master Blaster this year after they transferred to the London Rollergirls. Bear City picked up their first 2 points in the 3rd jam, and was stuck there for 6 more jams, while Windy City pushed to a 81-2 game lead. Part of this was due to Bear City jammer penalties, so once Berlin could get a handle on that they were able to pick up more lead jammer statuses and score points. Windy had a the double-kill jammer threat of Killjoy and Killanois, who topped scoring with 122 and 106 points respectively.

Windy City vs Bear City. Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography.

Windy City vs Bear City. Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography.

Blue and white took on white and blue, and in the first half it looked like this was going to be another close game. The jams were very low scoring and many ended in a quick call-off and 0-0 points. Nashville had a slight edge in lead jammer percentage at 48% to Madison’s 44% and going into halftime, and the Music City All-Stars led 55-45. The Dairyland Dolls also had 5 jammer penalties to Nashville’s 3 in the first half, but their bracing and quick recycling defense helped keep it to the 10 point difference at the break.

While the first half only saw one jam break double digit points – 10 points by Ramona D Flowers for Nashville – Black Velvet started the second half with 10 points in the second jam for Madison. Nashville added 4 by Lady Fury, and then 6 with a star pass after Madison’s Blanche Devereauxxx went to the box with the star. Madison went on to hold Nashville at 65 while they first tied the score, and then pushed their score to 84 with a 15 point jam by Blitz Siren. They dominated the lead for the rest of the half, and as Nashville fell into penalty woes the Dairyland Dolls scored a 23 point jam and then a 10 point jam to nearly double Nashville’s score at 126-69. They locked into that momentum and went on to win by outscoring Nashville 105-38 in the second half. The final score was 150-93 with Black Velvet as top scorer for Madison at 49 points, and Zip Drive topping Nashville’s points with 31 and an impressive zero penalties.

The host league #62 Brewcity Bruisers took on #68 Grand Raggidy, according to Flat Track Stats supposed to be a close bout in Grand Raggidy’s favor. The first half looked like it would end up that way, with the teams splitting lead jammer percentage at 50/50, but Brewcity was already picking up more penalties than their opponent. Jessie Flames was Brewcity’s top scorer by the end of the bout with 34 points despite, sitting in the box 7 times in the 9 times she was on the track. She fouled out early in the second half which may have led to their downfall in scoring, as Grand Raggidy outscored them 139-43 in the second half. With multiple high scoring jams in the final 30 minutes, Grand Raggidy won the game, 228-99.

Arch Rival huddle. Photo credit: Jim Dier.

Arch Rival huddle. Photo credit: Jim Dier.

The last game of the evening was between #9 Arch Rival and #28 Detroit, and while Jilleanne Rookard picked up the first game points for Detroit, Arch Rival buried them with a series of high scoring jams, including a 35-point jam by Bricktator. She seemed nearly unstoppable in this game, and by the end she totaled 169 points. Otherwise, lead calls were a lot closer in the first half but Arch Rival’s tighter defense was able to keep Detroit’s scoring low. The final score went to Arch Rival, 304-114.

Today’s got some interesting match-ups to catch, especially first thing at 9am CDT, when #48 Bear City played #71 Paradise City. While it was 4pm in Berlin and midnight in Australia, these two teams flew all the way to Milwaukee to take each other on. Flat Track Stats has them ranked at nearly the reverse of those WFTDA rankings, and their prediction of the game going to Paradise City was correct. The Aussies won 201-144.

Check out the rest of the schedule on our BrewHaHa Central post, which also has times for Germany (CEST) and Australia (AEST) for those of you keeping track from home.

*MRDA Rankings are as of the Spring 2016 release, and WFTDA rankings are as of the April release.

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