2016 MRDA Champs: #3 Texas tramples #6 Puget Sound, 260-123

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NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX – The third contest of the MRDA World Championships in Texas pitted the number #3 seed Texas Men’s Roller Derby against the #6 seed Puget Sound Outcasts from Seattle. Both teams put in strong work, but Texas was able to hold their hometown advantage and take the win 260-123, and claim a spot in the semifinal round tomorrow.

Photo credit: Zack "Nomad" Sherman.

Photo credit: Zack “Nomad” Sherman.

Puget Sound opened up with two quick lead statuses and call offs that left them ahead 5-0 at the end of the second jam. Texas answered back with the Enabler in jam three, who would snag lead status and run up a 24-0 score in a non-power jam to take the lead for Texas. They continued to grow the score gap to 43-5 by the end of the fifth jam while holding Puget scoreless for the same three jams.

Texas’s Danger Zone would risk their lead by accruing a penalty in each of the next three jams, keeping him in the star and allowing the Seattle crew to put points on the board. It helped them close the gap to 52-28 in favor of Texas.

At around 13 minutes into the half, tempers began to flare on both teams and the originally tight walls for both sides began to separate, leaving blockers from both squads fending for themselves. It also meant penalty trouble in the Seattle ranks which allowed Texas to come swinging back with a 47-point run over the next five jams while the Outcasts were left scoreless.

A 20-0 run of Seattle jams closed out the half and tightened the score to 114-58 with Texas still on top.

The second half opened with Texas’s Kyle Divers driving Seattle’s Francy Pants out of bounds to the inside at the very front of the pack so Dr. Feelgood could grab lead. With Fancy pants right on his heels, Feelgood was forced to call it for a 4-0 start to the period. Feelgood would keep putting up solid work to the tune of 71 points in six rounds with the star to make him the game high scorer.

While Puget’s blockers were putting in a herculean effort, led by the example of Dylan Botts, their 12 jammer penalties, seven in the second half, meant they just couldn’t keep Texas from running away with the game.

Photo credit: Zack "Nomad" Sherman.

Photo credit: Zack “Nomad” Sherman.

Texas was able to grow their lead all the way to the end, and winning 260-123 moves them forward in the bracket to a semifinal match up Sunday against Your Mom Men’s Roller Derby at 9am CDT. Puget Sound moves onto the battle for 5th place tomorrow at 3pm CDT against the loser of Bridgetown vs New York Shock Exchange game.

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