2016 ECDX Review

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FEASTERVILLE, PA – The 10th annual East Coast Derby Extravaganza took place over the weekend in Pennsylvania, and had three days of games on three tracks by the gamut of women’s teams, men’s teams, and junior teams.

Although there wasn’t a video stream available, the games on track 2 and track 3 had audio broadcasts, and the ECDX page posted supplemental videos throughout the weekend, if you’re looking for more.

In WFTDA action, #14 Philly Roller Derby spent most of the weekend hosting the tournament, as well as Camp ECDX, but still squeezed in one sanctioned game in on Sunday evening against #13 Montreal. Philly lost a few skaters this season, including V-Diva to Gotham, so Montreal may have hoped to pull off their first ever win against the Liberty Belles. It wasn’t to be. Miracle Whips exploded off the line for the first lead and 2 points but then Philly went on a 60-5 run with an effective penalty kill while Montreal experienced blocker penalties.

With a slow-moving defensive pack, both teams provided a fair bit of offense as well which kept many jams low scoring, or ending at zero points with jammers chasing each other down. Montreal seemed to make a comeback at the end of the first half, which brought the score within 19 points, but by half-time Philly was ahead, 113-78.

In the second half, Philly came back strong with 53.8% lead jammer average, and while the Philly jammers kept a clean slate on the penalty board Montreal gave up 9 power jams. They came away with a 256-139 victory with Wolf scoring more than half of Philly’s score at 135 points while Miracle Whips led scoring for Montreal at 57. Kilmartin (aka Persephone) scored 37 points in her first sanctioned game back on the Liberty Belles after taking some time off sanctioned play.

The #39 Mad Rollin’ Dolls took on #55 Charlottesville on Saturday at 10am EDT and it ended in a close 183-177 game in Madison’s favor. With 12 jammer penalties affecting both, each team picked up a majority of their points in lumps, Madison taking more control in the first half while Charlottesville outscored them in the second half. At only a few minutes left, MRD was ahead by just one point, but after trading back and forth jammer penalties in the last two jams, Charlottesville fell short by 6 points.

Photo credit: Sean Hale.

Photo credit: Sean Hale.

Madison entered the weekend with a #39 ranking, but with their 31-point loss to Charm City, they may be able to just keep their heads above the D1 cutoff.

Charlottesville may end up on the other side with two close losses, including a 168-159 game against #37 Windy City.

Another tight WFTDA sanctioned game came between #23 Naptown and #45 Blue Ridge. The underdogs held the lead at the half, 81-63, by picking up a slightly better lead jammer percentage and only accruing 6 total penalties. Cherry-oto-Fire entered the jammer rotation for Naptown late in the second half, however, and in the first jam back in the 2nd half, she picked up 21 points to put them on top by 3 points. From there, the lead seemed to swap back in forth into the favor of whoever earned lead jammer.

Naptown continue to struggle with penalties, picking up 6 jammer penalties in the second half while Blue Ridge’s jammers stayed clean, and then with about ten minutes left in the game Cherry-oto-Fire was ejected with a gross misconduct. Despite all this, Naptown was able to secure the win in a chaotic last jam where Dr. Octopushy for Blue Ridge had a skate malfuction and was forced the pass the star while on a power jam. Naptown’s 175-168 win paired with a 263-94 win against #63 Toronto should help them maintain a Division 1 spot for Playoffs this year. Blue Ridge blue ridge missed WFTDA tournaments last year after hitting the bottom of the D1 bracket in 2014, and may make a return to Playoffs this year after this close game with Naptown. A loss to #103 Sydney puts them at #69 on FTS however, so we’ll have to see where things shake out in the WFTDA rankings next month.

According to FTS, Sydney’s nearly 10,000 mile trip to ECDX was enough to boost the team’s rankings to #55, but it will be WFTDA’s algorithm that will determine their future. Whether it pays off this year or not, it will definitely help the Sydney Assassins find their true ranking and boost the ranking “economy” in Australia.

Charm City vs Toronto. Photo credit: Joe Mac

Charm City vs Toronto. Photo credit: Joe Mac.

Charm City gained LeBrawn Maimes from Rat City this season, and she scored 166 in their three games at ECDX. I.M. Pain is the perennial jamming workhorse of Charm City however, putting up 329 points across three games and she jammed 19 of their 41 jams against Madison. Her endurance was needed after Dottie Deathwish went down with an injury in their first game and didn’t return to the track the rest of the weekend.

After Charm City’s 2-1 performance FTS says they are now ranked #40, which is dangerously close to the Division 1 cutoff – a place unfamiliar to the team. Penalties kept their game with the Mad Rollin’ Dolls close and despite Madison outscoring them in the second half, Charm City took the win by 29 points. Their other win came against Toronto by 131 points, and their loss was to Boston, 271-162. We will see next month if this was enough to push them off the D1 cliff.

Toronto suffered three losses over the weekend bringing their 2016 record to 2-7. Their only wins came against team ranked outside of the Division 2 Playoff zone and it looks like in their rebuilding season they may have to miss WFTDA tournaments.

Check out scores from the rest of the WFTDA games on our ECDX Central page.

Mont Royals vs Jersey Boys. Photo credit: Joe Mac.

Mont Royals vs Jersey Boys. Photo credit: Joe Mac.

There were just four men’s teams at ECDX and Mass Maelstrom came away undefeated with their two wins against the #16 Mont Royals and #32 Philly Hooligans. They utilized five different skaters on the jammer line, with Cilantro picking up 74 of their 214 points against Montreal. In the pack they could effectively split their focus on offense and defense in pairs and were able to come back together quickly. After missing MRDA Championships last season, they are looking to be a strong competitor this season.

From Montreal, the Mont Royals went 1-1 with their loss to Maelstrom but a 569-29 win over the #20 Jersey Boys. They’ve been struggling to fill out their roster lately and have now played their last four games with just 10 skaters.

The Philly Hooligans were ranked #32 with the last release of MRDA rankings and they too went 1-1 at ECDX. After beating Jersey Boys by 449 points and only losing to Maelstrom by 40 points, FTS ranks them at #16 in MRDA. The Jersey Boys struggled however, and even though they are ranked #20 by MRDA, they lost both their games by large margins and FTS has them at #43 now.

Philly Jr vs Gotham Jr. Photo credit: Joe Mac.

Philly Jr vs Gotham Jr. Photo credit: Joe Mac.

There were just three Junior teams at ECDX and each of them won one game and lost one game. Ranked #22 in the JRDA Open Division, Philly beat Gotham by 36 points and lost to Crooked River by just 17 points. They are the only one of the three not attending JRDA Championships in July.

The Gotham Juniors are ranked #10 in the Open Division and beat Crooked River by 16 points and lost to Philly 232-196. Crooked River, ranked #14 in the Female Division, lost to Gotham and beat Philly 208-191.


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