2015 Quad City Chaos Tournament Recap

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Toronto, ON

Tournament MVPs
A-team blocker: Nick Rollfiliac from Steel Hurtin’
A-team jammer: Soul Rekker from Rideau Valley Vixens
B-team blocker: MC SlamHer from Boston Derby Dames
B-team jammer: Devochka from Bay St. Bruisers

Game 1
Rideau Valley Vixens vs. Steel Hurtin’
The Rideau Valley Vixens started Toronto Roller Derby’s two-day Quad
City Chaos tournament out strong establishing lead three minutes into
their game against Steel City Roller Derby’s Steel Hurtin’. The Vixens
maintained their lead for the rest of the game, playing a fast game
leaving little space for Steel Hurtin’ to determine the terms of
engagement. Steel City had a notable comeback attempt seven minutes
before the half, but the Vixens shut it down with focused penalty
kills. The second half saw the Vixens continue their strategy from the
first and maintain their lead over Steel Hurtin’ — the only crack in
their armour showed in the last jam of the game where a star pass
gone-wrong allowed Steel Hurtin’ to make up some ground. The final
score was 165 -142 for the Vixens.

Game 2
CN Power vs. Boston Derby Dames
A high impact game kept fans on the edge of their seats as Quad City
Chaos’ top ranked team the Boston Derby Dames faced off against host
Toronto Roller Derby’s A-team CN Power. The first half was filled with
tense game play with seven lead change overs. The first 30 minutes
ended with CN Power taking a slim lead over Boston, 129-106. In the
second half, CN Power came out strong to capitalize on power jams and
focus on strong defensive walls. Power kept the lead for the entire
second half and and came out with the win, 233-178. But Boston stayed
strong with killer hits and jammers that kept Toronto fighting until
the last jam.

Game 3
Rideau Valley Rollergirls’ Sirens vs. Bay St. Bruisers
Toronto’s B-team Bay St. Bruisers was dominant from the first whistle
with speedy jammers and effective blocking lines that shut down Rideau
Valley’s Sirens. Once the Brusiers established a lead they hung onto
it tooth and nail for the rest of the game and though the Sirens’
jammers were hot on their tails, the Bruisers clinched a decisive win,
253-144. The game got progressively rough with a total of 108
penalities called for both teams. The rough play resulted in three
foul outs: Bruisers’ blocker LowBlow Palooza and Sirens’ blocker Kiki
VonCarnage and jammer Jennifer Anderson.

Game 4
Steel Hurtin’ vs. Boston Massacre
It was a rough, fast game that proved to be a marathon, not a sprint.
Steel City came in strong with their jammers defying Boston’s defense
again and again to take the lead. But midway through the first half,
Boston wised up and closed ranks methodically closing the gap. By the
first half, Boston was leading 71-52. Boston remained calm throughout
Steel City’s comeback attempts and retained their lead for the
duration of the game.Boston won 169- 127.

Game 5
CN Power vs. Rideau Valley Vixens
A tense first half full of lead changes and ties showed that despite
an eleven point differential in WFTDA rankings, Toronto Roller Derby’s
higher ranked CN Power would be challenged to soundly beat the Rideau
Valley Vixens. By the end of the first half CN Power found their
stride and pulled ahead, heading into halftime leading, 81-64. Power
maintained their lead for the rest of the game but not without close
advances from the Vixens. Time and time again, the Vixens reduced CN
Power’s 20-point leads to mere points but CN Power routinely pulled
ahead. CN Power won the game 186-154.

Photo by Joe Mac/Midnight Matinee

Game 6
Bay St. Bruisers vs. Boston Derby Dames
Toronto Roller Derby’s Bay St. Bruisers took an early lead against the
Boston Derby Dames and then lost it for the rest of the game. The
Dames’ strong blocking walls caused trouble for many of the Bruisers’
jammers and Boston’s jammer effectively separated Toronto’s blocking
lines to secure a steady lead 120-92 heading into halftime. The
Bruisers returned to the track with strong offense in the second but
were always just lagging Boston’s jammers. With five minutes to go the
Bruisers began closing in on Boston’s lead with power jams from
Toronto jammers Devochka and Lexi Con doing significant damage to the
Dames’ comfortable lead bringing the Bruisers within 4 points of
Boston. The real magic came in the final jam of the game: a two-minute
oddessy which saw Bruisers pick up 12 points to narrowly win the
game, 184-180.  It was a rough game from start-to-finish with a total
of 112 penalities for both teams; 68 for Boston, 54 for the Bruisers.
Toronto blockers SewWhat and Honey Boom Boom fouled out.

Game 7
Rideau Valley Vixens vs. Boston Massacre
In a game that started out as a blow out game for the Boston Massacre
became a tight race for the win against the Rideau Valley Vixens.
Boston’s jammers dominated as lead jammer in the first part of the
game establising and maintaining a comfortable lead, heading into
halftime 78-55. But the Vixens came back in the second half and
systematically closed the point gap. With 13 minutes to go in the
game, the Vixens overtook Boston, 130-119. But Boston closed ranks and
within seven minutes they got back their lead and kept it until the
end winning by a solid 182-59.

Game 8
Bay St. Bruisers vs. Steel Beamers
Toronto Roller Derby’s B-team Bay St. Bruisers faced off against Steel
City Roller Derby’s B-team Steel Beamers in a blowout game for the
Bruisers. The Bruisers came into the game undefeated, having won games
against the Boston Derby Dames and the Rideau Valley Sirens earlier in
Toronto’s two-day Quad City Chaos tournament. For the Beamers, their
game against the Bruisers was the first and last of the tournament.
With fast jammers and hard-to-dodge blocker lines, the Bruisers
established early dominance and headed into half time with a
substantial lead, 144-30. The Bruisers ran away with their lead in the
second half securing a huge win over the Beamers, 319-69. The game was
significantly lighter on penalties for both teams than the Bruisers’
previous two games, though the Beamers’ blocker Daley Dose fouled out
in the second half.

Game 9
CN Power vs. Steel Hurtin’
Both teams played twice on the first day of Toronto Roller Derby’s
two-day Quad City Chaos tournament with drastically different results.
Steel Hurtin’ came up short against Boston Massacre and the Rideau
Valley Vixens where CN Power was undefeated against both teams. The
game started off as expected, Power dominated and went into the first
half with a comfortable 50-point lead over Steel Hurtin’, 132-80. But
after halftime the gloves came off and Steel Hurtin’ locked down their
defensive lines preventing Power’s jammers from scoring for the first
several jams while their own jammers slowly picked up points. By
midway through the second half, Steel Hurtin’ succeeded in advancing
on CN Power and taking lead. Steel City maintained their lead until,
with 10 minutes to go, CN Power swooped in to regain their lead. With
successive power jams they re-established lead and widened the gap
with solid blocking lines to win the game, 235-191. It was a notably
rough game (though not as penalty-heavy as Bay St. Bruisers’ games)
with seven skaters fouling out, six for CN Power.

Special thanks to Pr’Editor of Toronto Roller Derby for providing recaps of this weekend’s games!

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