2015 Dustbowl Invitational

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The 2015 Dustbowl Invitational, hosted by Derby Revolution of Bakersfield (Bakersfield, CA) brought together several west coast teams in a weekend packed with derby action. While we were sad to miss the first day of the tournament, we bring you recaps of the second and third day.

1st Place: Diamond Divas (Bakersfield, CA)

2nd Place: San Fernando Valley Roller Derby (Sylmar, CA)

3rd Place: Shasta Roller Derby (Redding, CA)

MVP: Betenboppin (Derby Revolution (Bakersfield, CA)

MVP Blocker: Jezebel Beelzebub (Monterey Bay Derby Dames (Monterey, CA)

MVP Jammer: Bergienites (V-Town Derby Dames (Visalia, CA)

Day 2 Dustbowl Invitational

V-Town Derby Dames (Visalia, CA) v. Central Coast Roller Derby (San Luis Obsibo, CA)
In the first game of Day 2 of the Dustbowl Invitational, V-Town Derby Dames of Visalia, CA, shot like a cannon. Rita Bandita, jammer for Central Coast Roller Derby of San Luis Obisbo, juked her tail off, illiciting a rapid-fire of “Pew-pews!” from their cheering section. CCRD’s jukey jammers were ultimately no match for V-Town’s excellent assists. V-Town took the win with an overwhelming score of 310-88.

Monterey Bay Derby Dames (Monterey, CA) v. Sonoma County Roller Derby (Santa Rosa, CA)
Monterey Bay Derby Dames took on Sonoma County Roller Derby with only ten players (and no coach) and got the crowd fired up. In the first half, Monterey secured the lead that they would keep throughout this bout with quick switches from defense to offense. Strong walls and well-timed hits form Sonoma’s Malice N. Chains were just no match once Monterey released their secret weapon, The Secret Cervix. Sonoma fell 112-128 and Monterey claimed their first sanctioned win.

V-Town Derby Dames (Visalia, CA) v. West Coast Derby Knockouts (Ventura, CA)
V-Town’s matchup against West Coast was almost too close to call with only 25 points separating the teams until right before half time. West Coast blocker Knockhers held the front of the pack, keeping V-Town’s jammers at a safe distance. Absolutely relentless assists by V-Town defense eventually wore down West Coast’s strong arsenal of jammers. Despite Reaping Rainbow’s 15-point jam at the end, V-Town took the win 176-110

Paradise Roller Girls (Hilo, Hawai’i) v. Monterey Bay Derby Dames (Monterey, CA)
Paradise Roller Girls fought their way through the first half of this bout despite some impressive jamming from Monterey Bay. The Derby Dames, on the heels of an earlier win, easily guided Paradise’s defense off the lines, allowing their own jammers to slide right through. Even with a 120 point lead, Monterey jammers didn’t miss an opportunity to lay out Paradise blockers. Monterey triumphed 283-77.


Photo by Evan H of Focalwise Photography


Diamond Divas (Bakersfield, CA) v. Shasta Roller Derby (Redding, CA)
This bout was tense from the start. The Diamond Divas and Shasta both came out hungry for a chance at the championship. The teams were neck and neck with only a 6 point differential at the half. Fighting tooth and nail for a win, Diamond Divas jammer Penelope Pitstop and Shasta jammer Lil Beeze Neez went head to head with some jammer on jammer action that had the crowd at Sannders Park at the edge of their seats. Ultimately it would be Bakerfield’s Diamond Divas taking the win 164-134 and moving on to a slot in the championship game.

Derby Revolution (Bakersfield, CA) v. San Fernando Valley Roller Derby (Sylmar, CA)
Derby Revolution of Bakersfield and San Fernando Valley’s Like, OMGs have a long standing friendly rivalry. DRB brought their infamous hard hits, this being their first opportunity to play their way into a championship game. Impenetrable walls and fancy footwork from jammers Atomic and Twiggy Bones clinched the win for SFV as they walked away with a 320-121 win and a spot in the championship game.

Day 3 Dustbowl Invitational

Central Coast Roller Derby (San Luis Obsibo, CA) v. Sonoma County Roller Derby (Santa Rosa, CA)
Sonoma started with a lead in the first couple of jams. CCRD crept up on the score board but their jammers were quickly worn down by Sonoma’s tight walls. Sonoma was relentless in recycling CCRD’s jammers. 5X5 Pinball (CCRD) lived up to her name, bouncing off Sonoma’s walls and wriggling thru the pack. After the half #86D Die’Mon took a hard hit to the face. CCRD really brought the heat in the second half, clearly implementing a tighter strategy and communication within their packs. In the end Sonoma’s never ending barrage of hits word down those Central Coast Derby Dames, with a final score of 209-127.

Paradise Roller Girls (Hilo, Hawai’i) v. West Coast Derby Knockouts (Ventura, CA)
West Coast pulled out ahead in the first couple of jams as PRG struggled to adapt to a strong blend of aggressive jammers and sweeping assists. In the second half, despite the efforts from strong jammers like Stealth Soul, PRG could not fend off the blows from West Coast blockers Morgan Le Slay and Knockhers. Ventura’s West Coast Derby Knockouts knocked ‘em dead with a 218-55 win.

V-Town Derby Dames (Visalia, CA) v. Monterey Bay Derby Dames (Monterey, CA)
Visalia’s V-Town secured an early lead, thanks to strong walls and pusher-jammers like BOOM-UH. Monterey quickly put themselves on the board with smart, slippery jamming. After an injury took jammer A.nna K.oncussiona out of the game, Monterey’s already time team began to look worn out. Monterey continued to fight through the second half and we saw some impressive positional blocking from Katniss Never Cleen. V-Town took the win with an impressive final score of 277-137.

Derby Revolution (Bakersfield, CA) v. Shasta Roller Derby (Redding, CA)
Ruthless Redneck got it all started, scoring 10 points in her first jam against DRB. Heavy penalties left DRB with depleted packs and often without a jammer. While Shasta focused, DRB struggled with general jammer awareness. DRB entered the final jam happy to be alive and proud to take home 4th place, their highest ranking in tournaments history. Final score SRD 270 – DRB 107.

San Fernando Valley Roller Derby (Sylmar, CA) v. Diamond Divas (Bakersfield, CA)
San Fernando Valley’s Like, OMGs took the lead on their first jam and held a slight lead through the first minutes of the first half. SFV and the Diamond Divas were neck and neck in this cut throat battle, with Bakersfield holding only a 6 point advantage at the half. Despite the thin lead the Diamond Divas were able to expand out of the half, compounded by penalities that diminished SFV’s pack. 10 minutes into the second half Bakersfield was up 120-83 and they took off from there. Diamond Divas jammer Penelope Pitstop lead her Divas to the prize with her slippery jamming. The Diamond Divas took 1st place with a 233-134 win.

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