2014 Season’s Beatings Wrapped Up

BeeLizaBub makes eye contact with her teammate PyroMAGniac. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

BeeLizaBub makes eye contact with her teammate PyroMAGniac. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

With a busy spring in the books, the All-Stars and Ped Maulers came back after a summer break to take on a few more fall games. The first part of the year saw a packed schedule for the All-Stars, which led to some exciting successes. Their 4-2 record in sanctioned games (5-4 overall) helped get them up to a #65 ranking within WFTDA, after starting the year at #81. The Ped Maulers meticulously worked on their teamwork all year, and despite their 0-5 spring season, their hard work showed off in the fall. The second half of the season was kicked off with a double header in Davenport, where the All-Stars came back from a 42-point deficit at the half to beat the Quad City Rollers by 23 points. The Maulers struggled a bit however, and took a 106-point loss. The full recap can be seen over here.

Next, OCCRG hosted a double header against the Twin City Derby Girls, which ended with another split result. The All-Stars took the track first, and traded the lead with the Twin City Travelers for the first few jams. The Travelers scored first with four points, followed by a grand slam by Triple D Zaster for Old Cap before she went to the box on  track cut, allowing them to score ten more points, making it 14-5. Bat R Up erased that lead though, when Old Cap got their own power jam, and took the lead by one point.

The game stayed tight for the next 16 jams, as niether team was able to make multiple scoring passes, and were held to zero or just a few points. Even while Bat R Up went to the box, Manta Rae, Lady Hulk, AJ Renegade, and Fannysaururs Wrex held Houchebag to only four points. The All-Stars had maintained the lead throughout this battle, but towards the end of the half, the Travelers took it by three points with an eight point jam. They held on for the rest of the half, but the OCCRG All-Stars did not let them get far, as they were only down by six points at the half, 67-61.

Lady Hulk and Manta Rae work together to stop the Twin City jammer.

Lady Hulk and Manta Rae work together to stop the Twin City jammer. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Triple D Zaster opened up the second half with an eight point jam, taking the lead back by two points. The rest of the half looked similar to the first, with multiple lead changes and jams ending with very few points scored. Old Cap kept an impressively clean game, only allowing three power jams for the Travelers in the first half, and one in the second. In the middle of the second half, Twin City was held scoreless for ten jams while Old Cap built up a 27-point lead. This low-scoring affair ended at 128-105, in the All-Stars favor, with excellent teamwork, and few penalties plaguing their packs.

The Ped Maulers had a different experience next, as they faced a very similar roster, and the Twin City B team was quick to work up a lead in the first half, with multiple grand slam scoring passes. They held the lead at the half, 131-24 over the Ped Maulers. The Maulers put up a good fight against a tough team though, and were able to utilize nine different people in the star. Halihurtin’ was the most productive point scorer, putting up nearly half their total points with 24, followed by Ambernin’ Rubber with ten. PyroMAGniac and Death Nell helped lead their defensive forces on the track, and sneaky offense by BeeLizaBub and DessOMater helped get their jammers out. They had a stronger second half even though it ended with a loss, 247-55.

Rosters for the Bros vs Hipsters bout.

Rosters for the Bros vs Hipsters bout. (click to enlarge)

Both teams had a break in September, but the whole league split into two teams for another battle between the Bros and Hipsters. Attesting to the talent throughout the league, this was another tight game, and after nine lead changes, the Bros took their second win, 163-161.

The Ped Maulers saw the track again at the beginning of October, with a trip to Dubuque to play the Bomb Squad. With some skaters unavailable for this game, they reached throughout their charter, and even saw the return of Outlaw Jessie Pains. Even still, they had a shorter than normal roster but the skaters were up for the task. Jenna JamISon, Amelia No Heart, and Ambernin’s Rubber were heavily relied on for jammer duty, and Ambernin’ performed well, ending the night as MVP Jammer.

The Maulers held the lead the entire game, and even when the score tightened to 139-125 by the half, they pressed on. Strong packwork by Duck Hunt, Lady Hulk, and ThumpHer held onto Dubuque jammers, while the Mauler jammers saw multiple scoring passes. Despite running into some penalty troubles in the second half, the Ped Maulers achieved their first win of the season with an exhausting performance, 270-208.


Duck Hunt keeps her eye on the Dubuque Jammer. Photo by Danforth Johnson.

Old Capitol City ended the season in typical style, with Monster’s Brawl, and this time it was a double header against two home teams of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls. The All-Stars took on the Unholy Rollers first, in the third meeting of these teams, and it stayed exciting. After a quick three points by Triple D in the first jam, Left 4 Deadwards began a big 16-point jam, before taking a quick break in the box with a track cut, allowing Gertrude Awakening to put up five points for the Unholies. Old Cap had a scoring drought for the next seven jams, only putting in two points while the opposition racked up a 30-point lead. A Few Screws Lucy and Ima Golddiggah helped lay down the law in the pack the rest of the half however, and with a 19-point jam by Jenna JamISon, they were back in the game. By the end of the half, the All-Stars regained the lead by one point 80-79.

Old Cap was unrelenting in the second half, as they claimed 15 of 23 lead jammer statuses, and stayed on top for the entire 30 minutes. The power of lead jammer status meant that all but one of those jams held the Unholy Rollers to zero points, likely due to the effective teamwork of Lady Hulk, Ophelia Fracture, and AJ Renegade. Triple D Zaster was relied on more heavily as a jammer in this game, and it paid off with her contribution of 49 points to the total. A 26-point run by the Unholies late in half couldn’t dig them out of their deficit, and the All-Stars took their 8th win of the season, 184-148.

The Ped Maulers continued the intensity of the first game, with a close game of their own. They started out strong, with four points by Halihurtin’ who played both games in the double header, followed by five and nine points to Ambernin’ Rubber and Amelia No Heart respectively. As the half continued, both sides were held scoreless for a few jams, and both were only able to get big points during power jams. Duck Hunt and Skates in Circles helped hang on tight in the pack, and after the Vixens held a small lead late in the half, the Maulers ended the period with a three-point lead.

Halihurtin' (left) played both Monster's Brawl games, and Outlaw Jessie Pains (right) returned to OCCRG after having a baby earlier this year. Photo by Danforth Johnson

Halihurtin’ (left) played both Monster’s Brawl games, and Outlaw Jessie Pains (right) returned to OCCRG after having a baby earlier this year. Photo by Danforth Johnson

After Halihurtin’ got three penalties in the first half,  and then picked up three more in the second, she was pulled from her jammer duties after 33 game points, but her enthusiasm did not wane. She was second in scoring to Ambernin’ Rubber, in what ended up being her final game with OCCRG, and powered through a tough second half to 59 total points. The Vaudeville Vixens held the lead for most of the second half, but four points by Rank Williams in the final minutes of the game put the Maulers within eight points. They left everything they had out on the track, but could not close the gap completely and the Vixens took the game 168-152.

The latter half of the season helped put the Old Capitol City All-Stars higher in the rankings, and currently they sit at #55 in WFTDA. If they can maintain or improve on this ranking through the end of the June, they will be heading to Division 2 playoffs, but they need your love and support in 2015 to get there! The spring schedule will be released soon so you know exactly when and where you can do so. The Ped Maulers will be looking to grow their ranks, as ten new skaters joined the team with fall recruitment. Stay updated on everything OCCRG through our social media: like us on Facebook, and follow us @OCCRG on Twitter and Instagram. You can also get news straight to your inbox by signing up for our Bruiseletter. See you next year!

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