2014 Season Opener Recap

On Saturday, April 26th, two Eves of Destruction teams made their debuts in front of an energetic home crowd: The Hard Cores and The A-team, a reincarnation of the Eves’ travel team, were both formed earlier this year to accommodate the growing interest in roller derby in the Greater Victoria Area. The Hard Cores is the league’s rookie team, made up of skaters who have graduated from Fresh Meat training but require (or desire) more time to hone their skills before being drafted to a house team. The A-team is EOD’s travel team: it showcases the best skaters from both the Belles of the Brawl and the Margarita Villains.

In the first bout of the evening The Hard Cores played the GI-Janes (featuring skaters from the Gulf Islands). Both teams had a mix of skaters who geared up for their first ever bout, and more experienced rookies who took the opportunity to fill leadership roles on the track. Despite being decentralized, with skaters coming from Salt Spring, Pender, and Galliano, the GI-Janes brought a high level of teamwork with them. Coached by the Eves’ own Scarie Antoinette, their strong walls and determined jammers kept them in the bout. The Hard Cores came out fighting, with an early strategy of getting a few points in each jam while holding the GI-Janes’ jammers to zero. This enabled The Hard Cores to rack up an early lead, which the GI-Janes were never able to make up.

Despite the point differential, the action never stopped while the teams were on the track, and the score doesn’t truly reflect the incredible work the GI-Janes did to keep The Hard Cores fighting for each point. After sixty minutes, the Hard Cores clinched a win in their first ever bout with a score of 250-109. Moxie Fox was rewarded for her blocking and jamming with MVP for The Hard Cores, highlighting her promising potential as a double-threat. No Mer-Sea was named as MVP for the GI-Janes.

After a brief intermission, The A-team and the Port Scandalous Brawl Stars took to the track for the main event. Though these two teams have never met, both the Belles of the Brawl and the Margarita Villains played Port Scandalous last season. Port Scandalous destroyed both teams, with the Villains going down 358-68 and the Belles losing 340-122.

Saturday’s bout was different. The A-team came out fighting and never stopped. The point spread was never more than 26 points in favour of Port Scandalous; and there were multiple lead changes throughout both halves. The A-team broke out of the pack to get lead jammer 43% of the time, but they were mired in penalty trouble. Ultimately, these penalties were the downfall for the The A-team. Port Scandalous blockers worked hard to swallow EOD jammers back into the pack. After some impressive jamming by the A-team, and equally remarkable blocking, the Eves were down by only eleven points with two minutes left and still very much in the bout.

Unfortunately, more penalty trouble plagued the Eves, and Port Scandalous ended the bout on a power jam, solidifying their lead. After a hard-fought and intensely action-packed bout, played out in front of extremely supportive and excited fans, the Port Scandalous Brawl Stars bested the A-team by a score of 183-163.

Your next chance to see the Eves of Destruction in action will be Saturday, May 31st with another double-header! The Eves’ Rotten Apples Jr. Derby will take on the NWO Honey Badgers from Chilliwack, followed by the Margarita Villains versus the NWO All Stars.

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