#16 Detroit Overtakes #24 Steel City, 158-157


Steel City’s Steel Hurtin’ ventured to Detroit on Saturday, and in a wild finish, the Detroit Derby Girls came from behind in the game’s final jam to take a 158-157 victory.

Detroit had a 24-13 edge in lead jammers out of the game’s 40 jams, but what very nearly did Detroit in was the fact they lost their jammer to the box nine times to only three times for Steel City. Steel City outscored Detroit 116-24 in the 11 jams in which a Detroit jammer spent at least part of a jam in the box; Detroit outscored Steel City 40-14 in the four jams in which an SC jammer spent some time in the box. In the other jams in which both teams had their jammer on the track for the entire jam, Detroit held the scoring edge 110-41.

After Racer McChaseHer skated Detroit into a 4-0 lead in the game’s opening jam, Steel City’s Hard Times came back with a 20-0 power jam in jam two. After that, Detroit’s defense pretty much held the visitors in check, blanking the Steel Hurtin’ in 13 of the final 20 jams of the half. Detroit held an 82-37 lead, but then in the final jam before the intermission SC’s Leannibal Lecter outscored Detroit’s Roxanna Hardplace 14-5 in a jam in which both jammers spent time in the penalty box. At the half, Detroit led 87-51.

Detroit’s Ally Sin Shoverland opened the 2nd half with a 15-0 power jam with Steel City jammer Leannibal Lecter starting the jam in the box. Detroit then began jammer penalty trouble in jams four and five with their jammers Ally Sin Shoverland and aNOMaly getting whistled off, and SCDD’s River Kyx and ‘Snot Rocket Science took advantage with 5-0 and 20-0 jams, respectively, to cut the Detroit lead to 104-76.

The Steel Hurtin’s ‘Snot Rocket Science contributed a 14-9 jam 9 win over Detroit’s Roxanna Hardplace, and then in jams 12 and 13 Steel City’s Leannibal Lecter and ‘Snot Rocket Science skated to 15-0 and 12-0 power jam wins to swing the Hurtin’ into the lead at 132-126. Detroit’s Racer McChaseHer struck back with a 15-2 win in jam 15 to put Detroit back on top 141-137. Then Leannibal Lecter took advantage of Detroit’s jammer, Feta Sleeze, getting boxed in jam 16 to win the jam by a 16-4 count, so SC again led, 153-145.

Detroit started jam 17 with 2 blockers in the box, but their on-track blockers, boo d. livers and Roxanna Hardplace, held back SC’s jammer ‘Snot Rocket Science long enough for Detroit’s jammer Ally Sin Shoverland to get lead and score a 3-0 jam win before calling off the jam. SC still led 153-148.

Detroit then lined up Racer McChaseHer against Hard Times for the game’s final jam. Detroit had blocker Bruisie Siouxxx in the box, but their on-track blockers Spanish Ass’assin, Feta Sleeze, and Fatal Femme did an outstanding job of trapping Hard Times in the pack. Racer McChaseHer got through the pack but didn’t have lead, then went on to 4-0 and 5-0 scoring passes to put Detroit in the lead. Hard Times eventually got through the pack but also did not get lead, so the jam went a full two minutes. Detroit’s Bruisie Siouxxx returned to the track, but they then lost Fatal Femme to the box. Steel City also had Ally McKill sent off.

Finally, SC’s Hard Times made it through the pack for four points as time expired, and it looked as if the game was tied at 157-157, but Racer McChaseHer also earned a single point on her third scoring pass, thus giving the victory to Detroit by a 158-157 margin. The game was held up while the scorekeepers furiously counted and recounted the points totals for the 2nd half while the zebras huddled to make sure that all points in that last jam were reported properly. Both teams put lineups on the track while waiting to see if there was going to be an overtime jam or not, but after about 10 minutes the game was declared a victory for Detroit.

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