#16 Bay Area Puts Out #14 San Diego, 140-67


EL SEGUNDO, CA — In the second game of a double header at the Toyota Sports Center Saturday night, Aug. 15, San Francisco’s Bay Area Derby Girls All-Stars smoldered the San Diego Derby Dolls Wildfires 140-67, in the first match-up ever for these two teams.

View the full bout video shot by Busta Armov, and read the archived text boutcast from Enstephalitis, Ivana Clobber and Tara Armov.

It was a rather unlikely match-up as B.A.D is a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association league and rarely plays non-WFTDA leagues like SDDD. The Wildfires were denied WFTDA membership, due to their status as a hybrid league that plays both flat and banked track roller derby.

So why did B.A.D. play the SD Wildfires?  SD has had an amazing season in 2009, proving they are a competitive team to watch out for.  They defeated WFTDA teams Central Coast Roller Derby and Arizona Roller Derby, and played a very competitive and close 77-71 game with WFTDA team Duke City, who at the time was ranked #6 in the West and #13 nationally by the Derby News Network. Maybe B.A.D. wanted a chance to reclaim their crown as unofficial California Champions. It was SD who won the Big One, the unofficial California Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Championship in May of 2009, taking the title away from B.A.D, who won The Big One in 2008.

Going into the game DNN had SD nationally ranked at #14, and B.A.D. at #16.  B.A.D. had an impressive season in 2008 that took them to the eight-team Nationals tournament in November, but had been losing ranking in 2009 with losses to Rose City, Boston and Rat City. In this contest, though, the San Francisco crew would emphatically put the lie to the unofficial rankings, taking a solid, often dominant victory and putting themselves definitively back on top of the California flat-track scene.

First Half

However it happened, after the first whistle blew it was clear the fans were in for an action packed game.  Through the first 15 minutes the score was very tight, with the lead flipping back and forth a couple of times. SD’s Kung Pao Tina was the first to touch the scoreboard in the first jam while SD blockers held off B.A.D.’s Jane Hammer, starting off the score at 5-0 SD.  SD held the early five point lead until Jam 3, when B.A.D.’s Burly Bot grabbed lead jammer and scored a grand slam and some change putting B.A.D in the lead at 7-6 B.A.D.  Just as B.A.D took their one point lead, SD’s Bonnie D. Stroir, smiles and all, broke out of the pack and used her lead jammer position to score 4 points.  B.A.D.’s Jane Hammer was taken out by SD blocker Dahmernatrix, leaving the score after Jam Four at 10-7 SD.  The next two jams were 0-0 as both teams fought hard to keep the other from scoring.

In Jam Seven B.A.D. took the lead again, this time by more than one point.  SD’s Kiki Disazz and B.A.D.’s Hammer both got out of the pack and reached scoring position with no lead jammer call.  Diaz grabbed two points before being shooed to the penalty box while Hammer lapped around through scoring position twice, scoring 9 points and giving B.A.D. the lead at 16-12.

The score continued to stay very tight over the next four jams, with a very fast pack, very hard hits, and both teams focused on getting control of the front of the pack.  SD’s D. Stroir got lead jammer again in Jam Nine, this time using it to score 7 points.  The next jam was another 0-0 jam, the fourth 0-0 jam out of the ten jams played so far.  Going into Jam 12 the score was 24-20 B.A.D – still a very close game.

It was in the last six jams of the first half that SD lost the game, unable to touch the scoreboard as B.A.D. continued racking them up.  B.A.D’s defense was pulling SD’s strategy apart, recycling SD’s jammer in the pack over and over again.  In Jam 12 B.A.D.’s Brawllen scored a double grand slam while SD’s Diaz went to the penalty box after being held in the pack for awhile.  B.A.D’s Astronaughty was able to score four more points in Jam 13 as Diaz was let out of the box mid-jam, but not in time to score.  SD’s fire had spread from the track to the penalty box, leaving them with only two blockers to start Jam 14.  As B.A.D’s Hammer scored another ten points, SD’s pivot Bo Toxic was sent out for having double pivots on the track, with SD jammer D. Stroir right behind her, leaving only one SD blocker on the track and the score at 48-20 B.A.D.

B.A.D’s strategy toward the end of the first half was to get their jammer out of the pack quickly and into lead jammer position, often with multi-player whips, and then keeping SD’s jammer in the pack while slowing the pack down to a crawl.  There were many times the pack came to a complete stop as B.A.D. jammer s Savage, Burly Bot, Brawllen and Astro continued to rack up the points, leaving the score at 60-20 B.A.D going into the half.

Second Half

Though the final score showed a large spread, it continued to be a very competitive game with a lot of strategy on both sides, and SD fighting passionately until the very end.  In Jam One in the second half SD’s D.Stroir shook off the scoreless jams SD went into the half with and grabbed three points as lead jammer, although she also let B.A.D.’s Brawlin grab four.

If SD lost the game in the last six jams of the first half, they sealed their coffin in the beginning of the second half.  SD’s jammers could not get relief as B.A.D blockers continued to hammer away at them. SD tried to break out an unorthodox move in Jam Two of the second half, with Kung Pao Tina passing the star to pivot Trish the Dish.  The crowd loved it and the pass was successful, but meanwhile B.A.D.’s Hammer scored a 14-0, putting the score at 78-23 B.A.D.

SD stepped up their defense and held off B.A.D.’s jammers for the next three jams, but but not for long as B.A.D.’s Astronaughty was able to break out of the pack in Jam Six in the second and score 15 points, furthering the already large score spread, now 93-23 B.A.D.

During Jam Seven in the second half, SD’s Steely and B.A.D’s Brawlin took the jammer line.  Steely was able to grab 8 points on this run as Brawlin was sent to the box, but at the end of the jam Steely was on the floor in front of her team’s bench with the medic called over.  Though finally putting some real points on the board in the second half, Steely was now out for the rest of the game with a rib injury.

SD continued to put up a fight and put together some scoring jams towards the end of the game.  They continued to use strategy, attempting a second star pass from Kung Pao to Trish.  Even in the last jam of the night, D. Stroir scored double grand slams jamming to Salt N’ Pepa’s Push It.  It was too little far too late, though, and B.A.D. took the win 140-67.

Bay Area is next in action in an inter-regional matchup against #2 Texas (#1 in the WFTDA’s South Central region); that bout takes place on September 5 in Austin. San Diego goes up against one of WFTDA’s newest teams on October 3, battling Hawaii Pacific Roller Derby in San Diego.

Photos: Reverend Jim / Kustomkulturephoto.net



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