#15 Charm City Pinches #19 Boston, 214-108


BALTIMORE, MD–The Boston Massacre went down the coast to play Charm City Roller Girls’ All Stars but failed to conquer their east coast rivals. Boston’s roster was bolstered by the return of LCD, from last year’s hiatus, as well as Providence Roller Derby transfer Craisy Dukes. Charm benefitted from the return of veteran Just Carol.

The night started with Boston’s Lil’ Paine on Charm’s I.M. Pain, a Paine-on-Pain matchup as fun to watch as it is to say. Charm jumped out to a 4-0 lead. Boston closed the gap to 4-3 the following jam and claimed the lead in the third jam with a solid block by Vixen TaHitcha cycling Charm’s jammer and springing Craisy Dukes and bringing Boston up 4-7.

A series of low scoring jams crept Boston’s lead to 29-8 until, with 19:35 left in the first period, Charm’s Colleen Best suffered an injury to her knee. Colleen did not return.

Seemingly energized by that, I.M. Pain blasted Charm into the lead with a 24-point jam, bringing the score to 32-29. The next jam saw a flurry of jammer penalties. Craisy Dukes went out for a forearm
followed seconds later by Charm captain Holly GoHardly. Both jammers return to the track only to see Holly leave on a second cut track quickly thereafter. Craisy Dukes capitalized and brought Boston up 44-32 but left on a cut track just before the end of the jam.

Boston maintained their lead for 8 more minutes until Shark Week went out on a cut, giving I.M. Pain a power jam and tying it up at 58-58. Half-machine Allie B Back claimed a 62-58 Charm lead the next jam
before I.M. Pain came thundering onto the track for a 35 point jam, enabled by a solid wall of Feral Kat, Battery Operated, and Quickshot Kitty. Boston’s Space Invader left the jam 90 seconds in with a forearm, but most of the damage came when she was still fighting the pack. Charm was up 109-70 going into half time.

The second half started with another fun-to-say Paine-on-Pain jammer matchup. Boston eked out 5 points over the first three jams before Charm took over. A 16-minute, 12-jam, 62-point run by Charm was enabled by solid walls while Boston played more of a big hits game. Fifteen jams into the second half, Charm lead 171-75.

A series of small back-and-forth jams later, Charm claimed the win 214-108. Penalties were fairly even, with Boston serving 25 minutes to Charm’s 23. MVPs were Charm’ Uvetta Work and Boston’s Shark Week.

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