#15 Charm Bucks #20 Ohio, 232-132


BALTIMORE, MD–After vanquishing River City 278-68 the night before, the #20 Ohio Roller Girls traveled up I95 to Baltimore to face the #15 Charm City Roller Girls All Stars. Unfortunately for the ladies from the Buckeye State, CCRG won the day 232-132.

Charm’s I.M. Pain (17/21 Lead, 166 Points) lined up against Ohio’s Phoenix Bunz (6/13 Ld, 40 Pts) to start off the bout. Bunz stormed up the inside and got lead. She ended the jam in her first scoring pass for a quick 3 point Ohio lead.

Ohio’s Smacktivist (6/13 Ld, 54 Pts) stepped up opposite Just Carol (5/7 Ld, 33 Pts) just one minute into the game. One scoring pass later and Ohio lead 7-0.

As the teams continued feeling each other out, I.M. Pain returned to the jammer line, this time opposite Kitty Liquorbottom (1/10 Ld, 8 Pts). Pain made short work of the pack, burning up the inside, but Kitty right on her tail left her able to get only 2 points while leaving Kitty scoreless.

Charm’s Nuckin Futz (2/6 Ld, 11 Pts) got stuck in the pack for almost a minute giving Smacktivist a chance to score. She only got 5 points out of it, though, resulting in a 12-2 lead for Ohio.

The next jam saw the roles reversed with Loraine Acid (0/2 Ld, 0 Pts) kept in the pack long enough for I.M. Pain to get lead and make a couple scoring passes reducing Ohio’s lead to a single point, 12-11.

Phoenix Bunz came on next to defend that lead, with an 11-3 jam against Allie B Back (4/8 Ld, 15 Pts). Allie went down hard after Bunz’ first pass, but you can’t keep a good cyborg down. 23-14 lead for Ohio.

The 7th jam of the night saw the first big point jam. Starting with a 4-2 pack advantage, the Charm’s golden girls stonewalled Smacktivist for a minute and 25 seconds, during which I.M. Pain was packing on the points. Ohio saw more penalty troubles during that jam which resulted in 34 points and a 48-23 Charm lead.

The first power jam of the night came next, at about 20 minutes left in the first half. Kitty Liquorbottom left on a forearm penalty, but Ohio’s pack limited Futz to a single scoring pass, ending the jam 53-23 with Kitty standing in the penalty box.

Charm continued to run the track, scoring 18-3 over Ohio and bringing their lead out to 71 over 26 before Ohio called their first time out at 13:51.

Ohio’s bench worked some magic and the ladies returned to the track to stop the bleeding. Ohio’s Hellion Boi, in her sole jam of the day, got lead over Nuckin Futz who was stuck behind a strong black and green wall. Futz got called on a track cut and left a power jam for Hellion. She used it to put up 20 points and call off the jam with Charm’s star still in the sin bin. Ohio sent Phoenix Bunz to the line to finish up Ohio’s 33 point run, with two scoring passes and an apex jump. 71-59 Charm with 12:10 left in the first.

A couple jams later, with an 80-64 Charm lead on the board. Ohio’s Phoenix Bunz pushes I.M. Pain off the track just after the whistle and begins skating clockwise. Pain is forced to skate around with her, but errs just before re-entry and is sent to the penalty box for skating out of bounds leaving a power jam for Ohio. Phoenix would squander it, though, going out on a track cut before scoring and allowing Pain to come back on with time for her initial pass and one scoring. 85-64 Charm.

With just under 6 minutes left in the half an Ohio power jam granted by Charm Captain Holly Gohardly brought Ohio to a mere 11 point deficit. A few jams later Holly gave Ohio another power jam. Ohio’s Bratislava Bruiser received a star pass but failed to put the helmet cover in place before exiting the pack and went scoreless on her first pass. Bruiser put up 10 points in the remainder of that jam, her only time wearing the star in the 36 jams she skated on the day.

With Holly Gohardly standing in the box and a 92-89 Charm lead on the board, Ohio’s Phoenix Bunz got lead and 3 to send the game into halftime tied at 92.

Charm came back from halftime ready to play. 5 minutes and 5 jams into the half, Charm got lead 5 times for a 118-92 before Ohio called a time out to regroup.

The first half magic didn’t reappear, however. Charm continued packing on the points, aided by a couple key power jams. Charm got lead jammer in the first 10 jams of the second half, outscoring Ohio 85-2.

With 17 minutes remaining in the game, Smacktivist managed to break Charm’s lead streak but was held scoreless and gave up 2 point to Nuckin Futz. 179-94 Charm.

Ohio’s difficulties continues with another Charm power jam driving the score to 188-94 before Ohio’s first significant scoring of the second half.

With about 13:00 left to play, I.M. Pain got sent off for a track cut after getting lead jammer and Holly Gohardly was called for an illegal re-entry for her 7th penalty, fouling out of the game. Charm’s misfortune was Smacktivist’s gain as she racked up 20 points before cutting track herself. 192-114 Charm.

The game continued to belong to Charm, outscoring Ohio 40-18 and closing the game on yet another power jam against Phoenix Bunz, who earned her 7th with a low block coming out of an apex jump. 232-132.

The penalties were pretty evenly spread across the two teams, but Charm won the day by giving up fewer power jams and limiting Ohio’s damage on the ones they did. Ohio played a largely passive power jam offense which Charm was well prepared for.

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