(6) Windy City Denies (14) Naptown, 207-125


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — In what amounted to a preseason game for Windy City (#6 DNN), the Chicago team kicked off their year with an unsanctioned battle against regional rivals Naptown (#14 DNN) on the road in the Indiana Pacers’ Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Naptown came into the game having won their first three games of the year by over 100 points — 254-107 over Cincinnati (unsanctioned), 211-85 over Bleeding Heartland and 239-96 over Toronto, but once again couldn’t find an answer for the infamously hard-nosed Windy City defense, losing 207-125.

The game started extremely tight with offsetting 1-0 jams to tie the game at 1-1 after two minutes, but things changed quickly on the next two frames. Windy City’s Athena DeCrime claimed the first full 4-0 on jam 3 to make it 5-1 Windy City early, and Varla Vendetta piled on with repeated relentless charges up the middle as Naptown’s Trauma-lina was hammered by Sargentina, Ol’ Drrty Go Go and Ruth Enasia on the following jam. Trauma-lina was unable to break the pack in a full two minutes as Varla put up a big 25-0 statement jam to put the Chicagoans up 30-1 after six minutes.

Jam 5 saw a debut from Windy City’s Killa Nois (ex-Angel City) as a jammer, but the jam went 3-0 to Naptown; unfortunately for the home team, their momentum was quashed as the first jammer penalty of the game went against Naptown’s G-Rocket on the followup, and Athena DeCrime scrambled to an unopposed 13-0. With under ten minutes gone in the game, Windy City was up 43-4.

Two jams later, problems continued to pile up for Naptown as everything went wrong on the following jam; they packed their penalty box, including jammer G-Rocket, and Killa Nois racked up 23 unanswered points for a satanic new score of 66-6 with 17 minutes left in the half. And two jams after that, more tough D from Sargentina and KonichiWOW gave Varla Vendetta plenty of time to rack 7-1. Naptown called their first timeout there at almost exactly the midpoint of the first half with the score 73-11.

Windy moved it to 86-19 with 10 minutes left in the first half following that, but Naptown rallied hard in the final third on the back of big problems for Windy City jammer Phoebe Fi Fo Fum. Naptown got their first power jam opportunity with the score 96-22 and Phoebe boxed on a track cut; Majestic got rough treatment from Bork Bork Bork, Sargentina, Tamikaze and Hoosier Mama and called after 5 points with Phoebe still in the box. The next jam got extremely chaotic as both Maiden America and a freed Phoebe both hit the box at the same time, but it spooled out to Naptown’s favor as Phoebe returned to the box for the third time in two jams and joined blockers Ruth Enasia and Hoosier Mama.

When the smoke cleared on that jam, it was a 18-0 for Maiden America and the score was 96-45 with 3:58 in the first half, with WCR’s box still completely full. G-Rocket used passive offensive to rush past Sargentina and KonichiWOW, and a tiring Phoebe met tough blocking from RIPtide, Dora the Destroyer and Cereal Killer in her third jam in a row. Naptown rolled up a 19-0 jam there, and suddenly Naptown was crawling back into a blowout at 96-64 with 2:23 left in the first half.

When they were finally able to field new jammers, WCR dropped 4-0 and 9-0 to make it 109-64. It looked like Windy City would score another shutout to end the half when Athena DeCrime took lead jammer on a 4-2 pack, but she cut her way to the box before she could call it off; that jam saw Naptown’s G-Rocket keeping her team in it with a 10-3 run. At the break, Windy City’s lead had dwindled from 74 to 38 points, as they led 112-74.

That margin stayed pretty much the same over the first 15 minutes of the second half, with Windy leading 131-97 with just under 20 minutes left and Naptown narrowing it to 138-107 on a 10-0 Majestic jam with 16:20 to play.

Athena DeCrime took lead jammer against Maiden America next; Maiden was able to knock Athena out of bounds on her first scoring pass and force her to come all the way back to the front of the pack, but although it got the crowd rocking it didn’t turn into much of an advantage to Naptown as Athena still claimed 8-0. Yvette Yourmaker picked up a grand slam up an undefended inside on the next frame as Ruth Enasia, KonichiWOW and Hoosier Mama held up G-Rocket for a Windy City 6-0. WIth 13 minutes to play, Windy City had a solid but not quite dominant lead of 152-107.

Once again, though, Naptown took advantage of extensive jammer trouble for Windy City to launch a rally. Both jammers were boxed on the following frame, but things got very confusing as Killa Nois left the box too early when she saw opposing jammer Majestic get sent off; that left Killa with an extra minute in the box as Majestic returned to play unopposed and ran up 5-0.

With Killa still working off that crime, Maiden America battled her way to more points — and Killa Nois was sent to the box yet again on a track cut upon returning. Fortunately for Windy City, a pack of Tamikaze, Sargentina, Bork Bork Bork and Ruth Enasia kept the damage to just 5 more points, leaving it at 152-117 with 8:58 to play. Windy City called their second timeout with Killa Nois still stuck in the box, but G-Rocket took the star for Naptown and added 4 more before Killa Nois finally finished the jam out of the box, leaving it at 152-121 with 7:37 to play.

That was 14 unanswered points for the underdogs, but they only scored 4 more in the remaining time. With the fresh legs of Varla Vendetta powering the star for Windy City, WCR finally picked up a much-needed 14-3 jam win to move things to 166-124 with six minutes to play. The next jam was a pileup of jammer penalties as Naptown’s Maiden America was boxed twice and WCR’s Athena DeCrime once — but with Windy City winning the jam 12-0, Naptown was just about out of time with the score 178-124 and just under 4 minutes to play.

A big 15-0 to Yvette YourMaker ended all hope for the home team, leaving the score 193-124 with under 2 minutes to play; PushyCat spent the majority of the final jam in the box, and Windy City’s Killa Nois ran out the clock and then some on the final jam on a 14-1. In the end, Windy City remained atop their region with a 207-125 victory.

Windy City increased their all-time record over Naptown to 5-0 with the win. The game marked debuts from rookie Windy City All-Stars Janicide Joplin and Killa Nois, while the Sirens’ Mutant Jean was playing her first game for the Naptown A squad.

Windy City’s first WFTDA-sanctioned game of 2013 comes against Montreal (#17 DNN) in Chicago on March 30. Next up for Naptown will be another home battle against another regional rival, Detroit (#16 DNN); Detroit gave Naptown a tough run before succumbing 187-156 in the quarterfinals of last year’s North Central playoffs. That game takes place on April 5.

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