(6) Rat City Pounds (7) Charm City, 281-126


BALTIMORE, MD — In the first two meetings between Rat City (#6 DNN, 6W WFTDA) and Charm City (#7 DNN, 4E WFTDA), the games were closely matched nearly from start to finish, but in Saturday’s night Round 3, Rat City scored a knockout in the first 5 minutes – and then kept punching. Charm City was down by 51 after two jams, down by 66 at the break, and got eviscerated by Rat City’s passive power jam offense in the second half on their way to their biggest loss in league history, 281-126.

The game marked the return of 2011 star Just Carol to the Charm City roster.

The leadoff jam between Allie B. Back for Charm and Jalepeno Business for Rat saw Jalepeno take lead while a big wall of Hard Cora and Anya Heels completely bottled up Allie; that jam went big for Rat City, staking them to a huge 36-0 opening lead. Things continued to go badly for Charm on jam 2, as I.M. Pain was called on an odd track cut at the front of the pack; Rat City went to passive offense while Carmen Getsome battered her way through for 15-0. After two jams, Charm was suddenly in a 51-0 hole.

Rat City narrowly won the next two jams and continued to keep Charm blanked; feeling the game quickly getting out of hand, Charm City called their first timeout early with the score 58-0 and 23:08 left in the first half. The break helped as Allie B. Back took lead and barely stayed in bounds around the outside of turn 2 to get Charm on the board at 58-4; when Carmen Getsome was boxed on a track cut next, Trixy Von Doom picked up a little more against a nearly-stopped tight pack and made the score 58-19.

Charm couldn’t keep the rally going against Rat City’s tough combination of size and speed control, though, and with about 15 minutes left in the half lead jammer calls were going overwhelmingly to the Seattle visitors, with most jams involving a lap point for Rat City. That put Rat City’s lead at 90-23.

Baltimore finally got something a little something going at that point, going on a 16-6 run over the next 7 minutes to make it 96-39 with 8:40 to play; Rat City called their first timeout there. The remainder of the half was more or less even, but Rat added 9 points to their lead to make it a pretty high-scoring game at the break, 123-57 Rat City.

Though Rat City lost key blocker Hard Cora to an expulsion after a forearm to the face of Charm City’s Rosie the Rioter with about 20 minutes to go, it didn’t seem to have much effect on Rat City’s bottom line. A huge haymaker of a power jam early in the second half was the nail in the coffin for Charm City as Carmen Getsome took advantage of Rat City passive offense to push Rat City’s lead to 157-61. Twice more in the half, Rat City again used the passive offense to ring up 25+ point jams for Sami Automatic and Carmen Getsome, as Charm City could not figure out a way to keep Rat’s jammers in play while the Rat blockers hung back, watched and waited; those jams helped jack Rat City’s lead up to an overwhelming 242-81.

When both jammers remained on the track, Charm City was able to keep it fairly even — over the last ten minutes of the game, Charm outscored Rat City 45-39 — but there was no coming back from the massive disparity in power jam points. In the end, Rat City handed Charm a big 281-126 loss. The 155 point margin was slightly wider than Charm’s previous largest loss, 241-102 to Gotham in May 2011.

Rat City defeated Steel City (#19 DNN, 5E WFTDA) on Sunday afternoon in a closed bout 298-218, leaving them with a 3-0 record for the weekend trip as they also defeated DC 295-95 on Friday night. They’ve got two more games left in their regular season, as they play Texas (#11 DNN, 1SC WFTDA) and Minnesota (#10 DNN, 2NC WFTDA) on August 25 and 26. Charm City plays Steel City next, but that won’t happen until the opening day of the WFTDA East Playoffs on September 28.

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