(18) Detroit Bumps (24) Ohio, 159-129


DETROIT, MI — In a battle within the North Central’s top five, it was the Detroit Derby Girls (#18 DNN) who showed they were still contenders within the region as they defeated the visiting Ohio Roller Girls (#24 DNN) 159-129 on Saturday night. Both teams looked primed and ready to kick off their 2013 seasons even before the 2012 Championships, Grits and Glory, have been played.
Ohio and Detroit, who each finished one spot above their original seeding at the North Central playoffs (Ohio finished 4th while Detroit finished 5th), looked to solidify themselves atop the region’s elite. It was Ohio’s 25th WFTDA-sanctioned game of the year, breaking Montreal’s record for most WFTDA-sanctioned games in a calendar year (24, in 2011); meanwhile, Detroit was aiming to continue a resurgence after a much later and bumpier start to their 2012 season.

Though they were both founding leagues in the WFTDA, Detroit and Ohio had only played each other twice previously, with Detroit winning both in 2007 and 2008.  On Saturday, Detroit made it three for three, but the bout came down to the last couple of jams.

The bout started off well for the Ohio Roller Girls as Kitty Liquorbottom was paired up with Detroit’s Roxanna Hardplace for the bout’s first jam.  Roxanna Hardplace picked up a quick back block major, but was also given an additional minute for insubordination for not leaving the track quickly enough. Ohio’s Kitty Liquorbottom tallied 7, and was followed by 9 additional points by Phoenix Bunz who started the next jam unopposed.  

Cookie Rumble got Detroit on the board during the third jam as she tallied eleven, taking the score to 16-11 Ohio. Ohio was held scoreless over the next three jams as Detroit’s Roxanna Hardplace scored three, who was followed by ten points by co-captain Racer McChaseHer for the bout’s first lead change at 26-16 with 19:45 remaining.  


Detroit (159 points, 14 LJ)

Roxanna Hardplace: 4-11, 53 pts
Racer McChaseHer: 4-10, 51 pts
Cookie Rumble: 3-10, 28 pts
Feta Sleeze: 1-1, 18 pts
Lazer Beam: 2-8, 9 pts
Ohio (129 points, 16 LJ)

HellionBoi: 4-13, 42 pts
The Smacktivist: 5-12, 36 pts
Kitty Liquorbottom: 3-8, 21 pts
Bratislava Bruiser: 0-1, 14 pts
Phoenix Bunz: 4-6, 13 pts
Loraine Acid: 0-3, 3 pts  

Three jams later, a 15-pointer by Detroit’s Cookie Rumble increased their lead to 41-20 with 17:30 left in the period. Ohio jammers Phoenix Bunz, The Smacktivist, and HellionBoi were all able to obtain lead over the next three jams and cut Detroit’s lead to ten, 41-31.

The defenses for both squads flexed their collective muscles for the following 6:15, covering seven jams, as only ten points were scored by both teams.  Detroit’s blocking core of Feta Sleeze, Fatal Femme, boo d. livers and Doom Shakalaka were able to hold Ohio’s jammers to only a single point.  Meanwhile, Ohio’s blocking crew of Phoenix Bunz, Pippi RipYourStockings, Amy Spears, and Bratislava Bruiser were able to hold Detroit’s star-carriers to single digit jams.  

With 2:00 remaining in the first, Detroit held a slim two point lead, 57-55, courtesy of a fourteen pointer by Ohio’s Bratislava Bruiser following a star pass. Unfortunately for Ohio, jammer Kitty Liquorbottom got trapped behind Detroit’s Genniferal, Feta Sleeze, and others as Racer McChaseHer made multiple passes on her way to outscoring Kitty 13-0 on the period’s final jam.  At the half, Detroit held a 70-55 lead.

Detroit’s Roxanna Hardplace started the second half where Racer McChaseHer ended the first half, by shutting out Ohio’s jammer. Roxanna outscored Ohio’s HellionBoi 9-0 to increase Detroit’s lead to 79-55. Ohio’s The Smacktivist returned the favor in the subsequent jam by taking a 9-0 over Racer McChaseHer, but a late track cut sent The Smacktivist to the box and allowed Cookie Rumble to score 5 unopposed in the next jam for Detroit. Rumble would also pick up a track cut and would start the next jam in the box.  

Ohio’s HellionBoi, aided by superb blocking by Loraine Acid and Kill Basa, outscored Cookie Rumble 9-3, narrowing Detroit’s lead to 87-76 with 22:15 remaining. Again, the defense for both squads stepped up their game as jammers were only able to score minimal points over the next eight minutes. With 14:15 left, Detroit still led 107-82.

During a wild twelfth jam, Detroit’s Roxanna Hardplace toed the jammer line against Ohio’s HellionBoi.  Both jammers picked up minor penalties during their first passes, but Roxanna Hardplace also served a major for a misconduct penalty during an attempted apex jump.  On a power jam, Ohio’s HellionBoi went on to score 20 as her blockers Ava Tarr, Phoenix Bunz, Bratislava Bruiser, and Loraine Acid successfully slowed the pack.  Following the power jam, Ohio had cut the deficit to 111-102 with 11:45 remaining.  

Ohio’s Kitty Liquorbottom continued the scoring for the visiting squad from Columbus, tallying 14-0 against Racer McChaseHer for the bout’s second lead change at 116-111, this time in favor of Ohio. Not to be outdone, Detroit’s Cookie Rumble secured a 9-0 over HellionBoi and Phoenix Bunz (following a star pass) to reclaim the lead for Detroit 120-116 with 7:45 left. The Smacktivist would then outscore Roxanna Hardplace 11-9 to cut Detroit’s lead to two points at 129-127 with 5:30 to play.

Unfortunately for Ohio, their jammers only scored two more points in the contest.  Detroit was paced over the final three jams by Lazer Beam’s 3, Racer McChaseHer’s 9 and Feta Sleeze’s 18 point jams to close the bout.  Although she played amazingly in the pack all bout, Feta Sleeze’s 18-pointer came as cleanup duty; Ohio’s HellionBoi was assessed a major illegal procedure as she skated clockwise and picked up the star cover that had fallen off her helmet. As the clock hit 0:00, it was the Detroit Derby Girls who picked up the hard-earned victory, 159-129.

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