(15) Naptown Edges (13) Kansas City, 147-144


KANSAS CITY, MO — On Saturday night, Naptown paid a visit to Kansas City on a three-game losing streak and a 8-5 record on the year. Kansas City came into the bout on a 4-3 record. Naptown’s lead was as high as 71 midway through the second half, but a frantic comeback from the home team ended just three points and one extremely poorly-timed jammer penalty from changing the outcome. In the end, Naptown barely hung on for the upset win, 147-144.

Maiden America opened Naptown’s account with a 2-0 over Trauma, but it wasn’t until Majestic had a powerjam over Track Rat in jam four that the scoreboard really came to life. She made it 21-2 to Naptown before being boxed on a major cut after being hit to the infield and unwisely stepping back in bounds. Track Rat got 5 before calling it to allow Trauma to line up unopposed. She got lead but got sent spinning to the floor by a huge hit from Enya Grave on her scoring pass, limiting her to 3.

Both teams traded lead jam calls and 4-0 jams before Enigma tied it up at 23-23 with 16 minutes left in the first period. Amooze Booche then passed the star over the jam line scrum start, but her pack couldn’t hold Hypersmacktivity, leading to the game’s first 0-0 jam. One point for Trauma in the next jam gave Kansas City their first lead of the game – but that lead lasted all of a jam with a 3-0 from Amooze Booche. Enigma then snatched the lead back for KCRW, and the home team led 28-26 with 11 minutes to go.

Piper Sonic then toestop-skipped down the inside line to get a quick lead jam call – but was boxed on her scoring pass for a major elbow. That let Trauma push Kansas City’ lead to 8 before Track Rat pushed it to 13 before Piper was released and sailed through the Kansas City pack.

Hypersmacktivity then handed the initiative back to Naptown after a 2-0 for KCRW’s Enigma when she was boxed on a major cut, and that let Maiden America trigger the fifth lead change as she took Naptown into a 48-45 lead with a 19-0, lapping with speed and stealth to breeze through the shrinking KCRW pack with hardly a hit

NRG blocker Dora the Destroyer then handled Track Rat as Amooze Booche seemed to be lapping at will. Track Rat had a chance to take the lead back for KCRW when Booche was boxed on a major cut, but only managed to get a major cut herself. The mess of that jam left the scoreboard at 62-49 in Naptown’s favor. Maiden America put up four in the final jam of the half to leave Naptown with a 67-49 lead at the half.

The first fifteen minutes of the second half were nearly all Naptown; after an opening 4-0 power jam to KCRW, the visitors went on an overwhelming 71-4 run over the next six jams. Piper Sonic put up a 10-0 power jam on the fourth jam of the half, which was immediately followed by Amooze Booche landing a lovely apex jump in the course of putting up a Naptown 24-0 and making it 99-56.

Another Naptown powerjam, this time for G-Rocket, pushed the Naptown lead to 56 before Amooze Booche lined up unopposed with a 4-2 pack advantage, but only put two points up before being boxed. Cereal Killer and Asian Sinsation held up Jade Lightning during the second part of that powerjam – and Jade picked up a major backblock on her third scoring pass after finally coming off the worse of her battles with the Naptown pack, taking her seat as Booche was released. Booche made that lead 138-57 before Jade was released.

But Naptown would need almost every point of that cushion to survive the remainder of the game. KCRW’s Track Rat announced the beginning of the comeback with a natural 24-0 as Blue Messiah got held up by Black Ice and Red Ripper; Kansas City’s Enigma and Hypersmacktivity got consecutive lead jam calls after that as Kansas City started to build momentum. Hyper had a chance to make the most of her lead call when G-Rocket was boxed on a major cut, but strong defense from Dora the Destroyer and Ima Hurchu limited her scoring. G-Rocket was boxed again at the death though, with the scoreboard reading 138-102 Naptown.

That gave Track Rat a powerjam–but she was boxed on a back block of her own on her scoring pass before she could make further inroads into the Naptown lead. G-Rocket shrugged off the attentions of Trauma and Evolution to make it 147-106 with a little over five minutes left.

Dora the Destroyer then took the star at the start of a jam for the first time–but she was boxed on a major cut as Enigma lapped up a 10-0. She called it with 45 seconds left on Dora’s penalty to let Track Rat take on the rest of the powerjam. The Naptown lead was only 21 when Dora was released–and it was 16 with 2:40 left on the clock as Track Rat made one pass before the end of the jam. Black Ice got lead but was forced into a 0-0 call as she was reabsorbed.

With 2:05 on the clock a five-minute official time-out saw Naptown’s Enya Grave expelled for an egregious out-of-play block. Enigma got Kansas City a desperately needed lead in the penultimate jam and Amooze Booche was boxed on a major cut. She put up 10 and it looked like Kansas City was going to go ahead in the jam – but instead, Enigma picked up a major back block call as she ran headfirst into a stationary Naptown wall. When the jam ended three more points went on the board for Kansas City, making it a three-point game with four seconds left on the period clock. KCRW quickly called time to force a final jam.

All Naptown needed to win was a lead jammer call, though, and Maiden America got it in the final jam for Naptown, calling it off at 0-0 to stifle hopes of a famous Kansas City comeback – and secure an even more famous upset victory for Naptown.

Kansas City is next in action against Detroit on September 1; Naptown is done with regular season play and won’t be in action again until the North Central playoffs start on September 14 — also against Detroit.

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