(14) Naptown Shuts Down Midwest Mega Team, 131-41


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — After an extremely low-scoring first half that ended at just 36-19, the Naptown all-stars took control in the second and blew out the visiting Midwest Mega Team, an irregular team of North Central all-stars from Windy City, Arch Rival, Ohio, the Chicago Outfit, Burning River and Brewcity, by a final score of 131-41. The game gave Naptown a home sweep in a doubleheader event; immediately previous, their B-team Warning Belles had battled to a hard-fought win over Windy City home team champs The Fury, 150-115.

The game started with heavy defense as neither Naptown’s R.I.P. Tide or Mega’s Downtown Dallis (Arch Rival) could break pack on a two-minute opener for a 0-0; Naptown took the next two jams at 4-0 and 1-0 for a 5-0 lead after about 5 minutes. Maiden America put up a big crowd-pleasing 12-0 next as Mega’s jammer Jackie Daniels (Windy City) was boxed, making it 17-0 early.

Jackie Daniels came out of the box on the following jam and followed blocking from WCR teammates Ol’ Dirty Go Go and Karmageddon along with Arch Rival’s Grave Danger and Major Francis Slayer to take Mega’s first lead jammer status and first points with a 4-0 that made it 17-4.

Naptown narrowly took the next three jams while keeping Mega off the board, extending the lead to 26-4 with about 17:30 in the half to play. High D. Voltage (Brewcity) got Mega’s offense going again with 4-0 next; Naptown attempted to blocker-stack the jammer line next, but Phoenix Bunz (Ohio) busted through for another 4-0 and made it a closer game at 26-12.

Once again, though, Naptown went back to blanking Mega while putting up single passes. With 7 minutes left in the first half, it was still a very low-scoring game at 32-12, with Mega having a lot of trouble gaining momentum. Even when Mega pulled a rare lead jammer status to High D. Voltage, they could only win the jam 3-1 to a new score of 33-15.

The defensive battle continued with another pair of 0-0 jams before Mega took lead jammer again with Ol’ Drrty Go-Go breaking out of the pack for a 4-0. That made it 33-19 with about three minutes to play in the half. After extending their lead to 36-19, Naptown called timeout with about a second left on the period clock, leading to a lengthy referee conference to determine if they’d gotten it in on time; they did force the last jam, but it ended up going 0-0 anyway to leave the halftime score at a remarkably low Naptown 36, Mega 19.

At first, the second half kept the theme going as Mega’s High D Voltage took lead jammer but had to call at 0-0; Maiden America took lead on the next but also had to call with nothing. Naptown finally got something going with the help of Mega losing their jammer; Trauma-Lina grabbed 8-0 to push the score to 44-19. NRG continued to put up single-pass successes while continuing very strong defense to extend their advantage to 51-19.

Mega got on the board with an 8-0 of their own with about 20 minutes to play, making it Naptown 51, Mega 27, but Naptown got another powerjam as High D. Voltage was boxed, and that proved to be the turning point of the game. Blue Messiah converted that powerjam to a 10-0, and Mega called their first timeout there with the score 61-27 and 17:30 minutes in the game. The timeout, though, didn’t stop the Naptown run; they followed up with another 10-0 and back-to-back 5-0 jams to extend their lead to 81-27 with 14 minutes left.

After that four-jam sequence, the outcome was a foregone conclusion, as Naptown’s quick 30-point run was more than Mega had scored in the game so far. Naptown broke triple digits at 105-31 with 8:30 left; in the end, Naptown won the second half 95-22 and the game by 90 points even, 131-41.

Mega’s roster for the game was Jackie Daniels, Ol Dirty Go Go, Karmageddon and Ruth Enasia (Windy City), Downtown Dallis, Grave Danger, Mayor Francis Slayer and Chewblocka (Arch Riva), Outa My Wayman, Phoenix Bunz and Amy Spears (Ohio), Bloody Elle (Chicago Outfit), High D. Voltage (Brewcity) and Ivanna Destroya (Burning River).

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